Thursday, 4 May 2017

Word of the Week - Lost

This has been one strange week. Starting with Bank Holiday Monday, maybe we should have planned to do something but we didn't. We stayed home and it felt like just another day. I guess coming so soon after the Easter holiday it just didn't feel like a holiday, and  hence, it didn't feel like Monday. Monday is a school and work day, I was lost and confused all day as to what day it actually was.

Then on Tuesday it was back to school. Last week it was supposed to have been p.e. day for the Little Man on Tuesday. The new school rules are that on p.e. day they go to school in their p.e. kits. Only, last week the teacher told them not to go in on Tuesday in their kits but to wear them on Wednesday instead. It was a little confusing as to what was going on, but this week it was even more confusing. None of the parents or the children seemed to know whether it was p.e. on Tuesday or Wednesday this week and we were all confused and lost. I decided to send the Little Man in his uniform but to take his kit with him. When they got to school his Dad decided that seeing all of his classmates apart from two in uniform that it was safe to assume it wasn't p.e. and left his kit in the car. It was p.e on Tuesday. Are you lost? I am!

Wednesday was an interesting day. Star was off school as she was feeling poorly, but I figured this was okay because she had an appointment with the nurse and it was more convenient having her off school rather than having to take her out of school and then take her back. So, off we went for the appointment only to find we were a week early. I think I'd purely lost my mind on this one, I don't know how I got it so wrong.

Thursday was voting day so the young ones had no school as it was being used as a polling station. We had one of the  Little Man's school friends spend the day with us. The whole days routine was turned upside down and I was not feeling well to boot. By Dinner time I was convinced it was Monday! I don't know why, my marbles were well and truly lost by now.

Friday is going to be an interesting, let me see if I can get things right today. I'm half expecting to find that The Word of Week Linky isn't open because it's Tuesday or Sunday or whatever, I give up! Next week has to be more straightforward!

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