Saturday, 17 June 2017

My Sunday Photo - 17th June 2017

When the kids met the chefs!

Yesterday we went to the BBC Good Food Show and had a fun but tiring day. We didn't get to see many chefs out of these we only saw Michel Roux Jnr and that was only on the big screen while we were outside the theatre he was in. But..we did get to see Joe Wicks in action in the theatre.

It was a real good show and we saw Joe cook two very easy and tasty looking meals in just 15 minutes each. There was also some Q&A sessions and some audience participation. The kids loved the show and Boo insisted we go and buy one of Joe's Books afterwards. It's actually a pretty good book with over 100 healthy recipes, Boo really wants to try some out.

I'll be writing more about our day at the show later in the week.


Sunday Snap

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