Thursday, 29 June 2017

Word of the Week - Spots

This week my word choice was easy, especially with two kids down with Chicken Pox.
I saw a program on television where they said that Chicken Pox got worse with each family member that caught it, and boy they were not wrong.

First was Boo, and within 5 days she was scabbing over and back to school after 7 days. We had a couple of days where she felt poorly, but she didn't complain much about the spots and didn't scratch too much with an application or two of calamine lotion.

Then came The Little Man, again he was poorly for a couple of days, but the spots seemed twice as many. His poor little face was almost totally covered bless him. The calamine helped but he looked like a ghost he had to have so much applied. We did have a night or two where he didn't sleep much because of the itching. It's coming up to 7 days now and he's nowhere near as clear as Boo was at this stage. Maybe he will have cleared up enough to go back to school on Monday.

Just a couple of days later and Star was complaining of feeling unwell. "look!" she said as she showed me one lonely spot on her belly. I kept her off school just in case and by lunch time she'd quite a few spots on her belly and back. Within 24 hours she was totally covered in spots from head to toe, I've never seen so many. And not tiny spots either, it seems that because she is bigger the spots are bigger, some of them are huge! She's been so poorly with it as well. The only peace I've had is when I've let her lie in a bath of oily lotion  which has helped ease the itchiness and burning. She's been very concerned that she may be dying she's felt so ill. People should not underestimate the awfulness of chicken pox.

My eldest son, 29, has been unwell since Tuesday, he's been having hot sweats and his throat was sore. Since I discovered that you can't get shingles from Chicken Pox I've not been too worried. I know he had Chicken Pox as a child. Then yesterday, I noticed his face was looking rather spotty, and he had a few on his arms and one on his tum. No, they can't be Chicken Pox I assured him. As I watched him slowly become spottier and spottier throughout the day, I'm really not so sure.

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