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My Sunday Photo - 16th July 2017

Stage Fright

It happens to the best of us. I can remember getting stage fright at my school concert when I was around ten years old. Then my eldest daughter had stage fright in her nursery performance. Star has always been pretty good with school plays and concerts. We saw her perform at Christmas with her school band and although she did fine.

Star's school does Band Musicianship which I think is fantastic. The kids have a proper recording studio and so many instruments. They are put into groups and allowed free range of everything. They write songs and music and then practice their pieces to perform. The kids learn so much about music, but it's not only that, they are learning by fun and developing talents and confidence. It must take a lot of confidence to perform in front of an audience and these kids get loads of opportunities to do so.

Yesterday it was the school BBQ and concert. We piled into the concert hall to watch twelve different groups perform. Most of the kids were nervous but there were a few that  appeared more than once and it was obvious that these were the most confident if not the most talented. 

We waited and waited for Star's group to come on. Then when they did, Star was missing. She is a singer (Although she likes playing the keyboard too) and has a pretty good voice for her age. Her group is called the Young All Stars and I think they are all stars... but where was our Star? She had an attack of stage fright. Her teacher was great and let her come out and sit down at the back with a microphone. She also gave her the song sheet so she didn't feel as though she would forget the words. She couldn't sing though and started to cry, so her teacher took her out. Poor Star.

I was so upset that I didn't get to see her sing with the others. I think that maybe losing a lot of time from school, and rehearsals may have a played a part. I hope that if we can get her health issues sorted out then she can get more confidence to perform. 

We bought a CD that all the children had recorded a song on and I recognised Star's voice straight away, she even had a solo verse and sang so beautifully. I do hope this hasn't put her off performing in the future.


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