Thursday, 3 August 2017

Word of the Week - Escape

sunglasses on the beach
photo credit Ethan Robertson - Unsplash

This weekend we are making our escape and we are off visiting relatives in Dorset.
Our home has felt much like a prison since the break up from school. With Star's problems and my health every attempt at escaping has been thwarted.

Earlier this week we planned on visiting a National Trust property not too far away. We wanted to go on Monday but I had been really poorly all weekend and needed an extra day to recover.

Then on Tuesday it was Star's turn to be unwell. I was so disappointed. I guess we could have re-arranged for later in the week but I knew Star wouldn't be well enough and I wanted us all to be fit and well for this weekend.

Now, I guess all we have to do is hope that the rain gives us a break so we can get down to the beach.

Fingers Crossed x
The Reading Residence

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