Monday, 30 October 2017

How I Eased My Neck and Shoulder Pain with a Naipo Massager.

This is the time we all begin wondering about what to buy our loved ones for Christmas, or indeed what we would like ourselves. Today, Christmas came early for me as I've been trying out a Naipo 3D Rotating Massager and I love it! Here is my review of the product and please read on to see a special discount code for my readers.

What's In the Box?

contents of box including, massager, plug, dust cloth

The massager arrives in a neat little box which you can keep for storage.
Included in the box is:

1 x Shiatus shoulder massager
1 x Dust cloth
1 x User manual
1 x Car charger
1 x Wall Charger
1 x Instruction Booklet

It's simple to set up, just attach the charger and plug it in. I did find the attachments do come out easily so you have to make sure that you don't overstretch them. Once set up and the massage begins this no longer becomes a problem.

The massager has shoulder straps with hand holders. They keep you in a perfect position for the massage and are comfortable. Of course, you don't have to put your hands in, you can just relax them by your side if you wish. But they are also useful for adjusting the pressure of the massage, just move your hands down for harder pressure or up for lighter.

The massager has eight Shiatsu deep kneading modules which work together and are designed to feel like a masseurs hands.

The function buttons are on the strap and easy reachable while the massage is in process. There are three options;
On/Off button
Heat button
Change rotation button.

close up of massager controls

The massager also comes with a car charger so you can use it in the car when you need to relax. You are not intended to use this massager while driving.

Also in the box is a dust cloth which can be attached to the massager by velcro to cover the nodules and protect your skin. It also protects the product from becoming dirty as it can be removed and washed.

You can find more details about this massager and other product from the Naipo Care Website.

What Does it Do?

The massager gives a deep and relaxing massage. It is classified as a mild intensity massager and you cannot change the pressure but you can use the hand grips to pull it closer for more intensity, or move it away for less intensity. It also provides a gentle heat which does not go above 40% and has a safety cut off. 

It rotates clockwise, and anti clockwise and changes direction after one minute to prevent muscle soreness. It is designed to feel like a hand massage.

You can also use the massager elsewhere on the body. The booklet shows  you how to position the massager to use on your back, thighs, waist, abdominal and feet.

massager with heat switched on
When the heat is switched on the massager glows red inside and you can see the massaging elements more clearly.

My Verdict

I have only ever had two professional massages in my life and both masseurs said that my neck and shoulders where really knotted. I'm not sure that is a medical term but I do know that they feel tight and often painful or achy.

My first impressions of the massager were that it felt hard and bulky and I was convinced I wouldn't like it. However, once set up and placed behind my neck I was pleasantly surprised.

It felt quite hard at first but I soon got used to it. I was wearing a jumper so that most of the massager was placed against my clothes rather than my skin. It genuinely felt like hands massaging me and I love the way it moved and changed direction. It got right into the places that are stiff and achy and the neck massage made me feel totally relaxed.

I did keep my hands in the holders and it felt comfortable. I was also able to reach the controls easily. I loved how I could control the intensity by moving my hands, I started off having them quite loose but I was soon confident enough to let my arms relax and move the massager in closer for a higher intensity.

The heat was really nice and comforting, but it's good to know that you can turn it off at any time if you wanted to.

I could hear a slight humming while using the massager, I'm noise sensitive so I thought it would bother me, but after a short while I didn't even notice it as I was really relaxed. I asked family members in the room if they could hear it and they replied that it was barely audible to them.

I haven't used it in the car yet but I can see it's benefits. On long journeys my shoulders would get very stiff and tight from driving, especially on the motorway. I would think that when you took a break then it would be really beneficial to pull this out and have a five minute massage in the car.

Overall I can honestly say that I really love this massager and I think it's great value for the price, currently £37.99 on Amazon!  I can offer my readers a 16% discount on Amazon using the code:5FGVWXGE

This massager would make a fabulous Christmas present and coming soon to Amazon will be the special Christmas Edition Massager.

What do you think? Is there anyone you know who would like a massager for Christmas? Naipo also do many other massaging products for anyone with health problems, do a lot of sport or work outs, or just simply enjoys a massage.

Disclosure: I was sent the Naipo Massager for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Sunday Photo 29th October 2017

We finally got our pumpkins!

We had a great time carving them, it was so good to have somewhere to do them and have someone else clean up all the mess. I wish I had bought some pumpkin seeds home to roast though...I may just have to go and buy another one now.

Until we moved into this house four years ago we didn't really do anything at Halloween. However, our new neighbourhood enjoy all the fun of trick and treating. I'm really not sure if I actually approve or not. I don't really see it as a time for celebration and the kids going around begging for sweets just doesn't seem right. But then I like seeing them getting dressed up and having fun, and it brings a sense of community with all the kids knocking on the doors. We've never had any trouble, all the kids are well behaved and they always have parents with them. 

I don't decorate the house, or have a party, but we do like to put our lanterns outside. 

Here's one for this year, all ready to go.

Do you celebrate Halloween?

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Word of the Week -Farm

Half term is flashing by so quick. I've so enjoyed not having to rush around in the morning and just chilling with the kids. I think we may have chilled a bit too much though as we didn't leave the house for five days!
The kids didn't seem to mind, they've been playing with their toys and crafting, and generally making a right old mess for Daddy to clean up. (sometimes I'm happy there are things I can't do anymore, like pick things up off the floor!)

We finally had our day out yesterday, I'd booked us into a pumpkin carving session at a local farm. Good job it was local as I'd only gone and booked the wrong day!! So now we are pumpkin carving on Saturday instead. At least we have something to look forward too, again.

As we were already at the farm I thought we'd take a look around. We've been meaning to visit for a long time, this farm is literally five minutes away in the car. We walked into the shop and I couldn't believe how big it was, I mean it was as big as a supermarket. There was a huge fruit and vegetable section, a bakery, a butchers, a gift shop, loads of chutney's and jams, biscuits, cheese, tea, coffee and a lot more! I bought cheese...lots of it, cheese with nuts, cheese with fruit, spicy cheese, blue cheese. All in small pieces, mind, just so we can try it out and go back and buy our favourites. I did buy a load of other stuff, but I wanted to get even more so I'm thinking we'll be going back there again, probably very soon.

After we left the shop we spotted a mobility shop so we decided to go and look in there. The we discovered just how huge an area this was and there were so many other shops. I managed to persuade hubby that he didn't need to go into the golf shop and we went into a big warehouse instead. I haven't been to a warehouse in ages and we had great fun looking around this one. They sold just about everything. I have been wanting some new Christmas decorations for a while so we stocked up on them, and they were half the price you'd pay in a regular shop. We let the kids have some little things to play with (craft stuff again!) and I found some lovely fluffy bed socks for my freezing cold feet (96p a pair!)

We left exhausted, but happy. And my purse was a lot lighter. I think when we go on Saturday it will be for the pumpkin carving only, but me and the hubby are planning on another trip to that warehouse before Christmas.

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Monday, 23 October 2017

The Giant Tree

I would like to share a short story with you.

The Giant Tree - Paulo Coelho

A carpenter and his apprentices were travelling through the province of Qi in search of building materials.
They saw a giant tree; five men all holding hands could not encompass its girth, and its crown reached almost to the clouds.
‘Let’s not waste our time with this tree,’ said the master carpenter. ‘It would take us for ever to cut it down. If we wanted to make a ship out of that heavy trunk, the ship would sink. If we tried to use it to build a roof, the walls would have to be specially reinforced.’
The group continued on its way. One of the apprentices remarked:
‘Such a big tree and no use to anyone!’
‘That’s where you’re wrong,’ said the master carpenter. ‘The tree was true to its own destiny.
“If it had been like all the others, we would have cut it down. But because it had the courage to be different, it will remain alive and strong for a long time yet.’

I've been reading Paulo Coelho for many years and he has great wisdom. I don't always agree with everything he has to say, but then why would a person agree with everything another had another had to say. What would that make me if I did?

I like this story because it shows that it's okay to be different. No-one's path in life is truly set and if you stand out in the crowd you could find yourself been ridiculed or abandoned, but that only means that you have a different purpose in life to everyone else.

I think sometimes we all forget this, we all want to blend in and be like everyone else. Some may feel more comfortable just not drawing attention to themselves. Some are afraid of what others will say or do if they don't follow the crowd.

Then there are some that stick out anyway, those who are physically different and can't hide it. Those who have no wish to hide their opinions even it means they could be persecuted for it. These are the people that are generally remembered more.

Whether you wish to be like everyone else or have no desire to follow the crowd it's always vital to remember that you are who you are and you should always follow your heart.

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Photo by salvatore ventura on Unsplash
Photo by Apostol Voicu on Unsplash

Sunday, 22 October 2017

My Sunday Photo - 22nd October 2017

My Little Boy riding a bike at his nursery, in his purple jumpsuit


Not having a photo for this week I've snatched one from my archives. This is my Little Man when he was in nursery school. The school uniform for the nursery children was this purple tracksuit and I loved it. 

It's quite relevant to this week for two reasons.
One is that I'm quite worried about my Little Man, he's having problems at school with bullying, he's having trouble coping at home and he has health issues. He was at the GP the other day and now I have to take him to the hospital for blood tests. He also has an appointment at a clinic in December. It's not really what I need at all and I just hope it all turns out to be something easy to treat.

The second reason is how time flies. Here he is at nursery which was just after we moved into this house four years ago. The time has flown. The first two years seemed to go slowly but it's so hard to believe that I have been sick for nearly two years! When we moved we were dealing with Star's neck so we spent a lot of time at the hospital. We had a nightmare eighteen months, but time seems to have sped up so much since then. My babies are no longer babies. 

I've been pre-occupied with thoughts of my past, all of it, even as a small child I had a lot to deal with. It's been the same ever since and it's let me to not believe in Karma because too many bad things happen to good people. 

I guess over the last couple of weeks I've felt so ill I really believed I was near the end. A Terry Pratchett quote came to mind.
"It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called life."
Life certainly does fly by so quickly, but no worries, I'm feeling better now so I have a lot more to cram into it. I have lots of happy memories too, so it's never all bad. You can't stop bad things happening but it's how you deal with them that counts.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Word of the Week - Frustration

Despite my hopes and wishes the infusions I received last week have not worked. Not only that but I've had the most horrendous side effects and I have decided to not have the treatment again.
I'm feeling frustrated that my treatment hasn't worked and that I still can't do anything.

I'm frustrated with my son's school teacher. He's been having problems at school for weeks now. He was being bullied by two class members, they were actually punching and kicking him. The teacher said she has resolved this but my son's mood hasn't improved so I'm sure something else is going on. Every day he comes home and states that he's been in trouble and has had a caution. The teacher told him off for fiddling with his fingers!! He's also being constantly in trouble for disrupting the class, when he swears he only does it because the other kids won't leave him alone. Something is going on and I need to get to the bottom of it. Which brings me to my next frustration. Despite calling the school and asking for meeting to discuss his problems they have still not arranged an appointment for me and it's half term next week.

I'm also frustrated at home because nothing seems to ever get done. The housework is never up to my standards, but when I try to do more I make myself sicker. I look around and think, that needs doing, and that needs doing, but I can't physically do it. I can ask others to do it but that's not the point, I want to do it myself. It seems that no-one else sees it as a problem like I do and there is no rush to get things done, but I want to keep on top of things. I want to do it the way I used to. Can you hear my frustration?

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Space Craft Book - Review and Give Away

This is ground control to Major Tom, are you ready for lift off? You will be after working your way through this fabulous book, The Space Craft Book.

Author : Laura Minter and Tia Williams
ISBN13 : 9781784943653
Binding : Booklet
Pages : 64
Photographs : 170 photographs
Series Title : Little Button Diaries
Publication Date: November 2017

The GMC Group have kindly offered to give away three copies of this book to my readers, aren't you lucky! Read on for my review and fill in the widget below to enter the give away.

First Impressions

I have reviewed a book from The Little Button Diaries before, it was all about Pirates. We had lots of fun trying out the crafts, especially the cake. I knew straight away that The Little Man would love this Space Craft Book but I didn't realise just how excited he would be. He wants me to make absolutely everything in it! Starting with the Walkie Talkies, after all, you need to keep in contact when you are in space. 

We love the bright colourful photos and the easy to follow instructions. There are crafts for all sorts of abilities, from the novice to the more experienced. There are even instructions for party food and a lovely recipe for a Moon Cake.

The Blurb

5...4...3...2...1... blast off! Create awesome space accessories for mini astronauts to pay with.
The sky's the limit with this inspiring craft book, which contains 15 easy-to-make projects for budding space explorers. With clear step-by-step pictures and handy templates, there are also ideas for a space party and instructions on how to build your very own rocket den,  ready for intergalactic missions to explore unknown universes! 

Our Verdict

The Little Man has already given me his list of everything he wants me to make and I'm collecting all the materials. It should be noted, though, that these crafts are mainly for parents to make for their children, rather than children making them themselves. Any child would be thrilled with the crafts though so it's worth it and they will get lots of play from them.
You can purchase the book from GMCGroup for £5.99


If your handy with a pair of scissors and want to make your little astronaut happy then please enter my give away to win one of three copies of The Space Craft Book. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

1. UK only (sorry)
2. Giveaway closes  21st November 2017
3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
4. There are 3 prizes of The Space Craft Book
5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
6. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media.
7. The winners will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications may be shared on social media.
8. The winners will be notified via email, and will need to respond within 4 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
9. Prize will be sent out after receiving e-mail details via the supplier.
10.If the prize is not available an alternative may be sent of the same value.
11. There is no obligation to enter all parts of the widget to be accepted into the draw

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

My Sunday Photo - 15th October 2017

Autumn trees and two squirrels scuttling along a garden fence

I  have often complained about the view from my window. Nothing wants to grow, every attempt so far at cheering it up has resulted in disaster. Maybe I should give up on the flowers and plants and paint the fence bright rainbow colours?

In my old home we had a brick wall at the bottom of the garden and one summer day I gave the kids all the tins of leftover paint I had and gave them free range to decorate the wall. The effect was lovely and it lasted many years. Even when my kids were adults you could still see their art work, faded but no less beautiful.

I wanted to paint the shed (otherwise known as my hubbies man cave.) I envisioned it in light green and then plant pots attached along the side. The shed is the main view from my chair and I'd love it to look prettier. On my worst days when I barely leave my seat, it would be so nice to see something other than a plain shed!

Anyway, I'm digressing and I've not told you about my photo. I like to take photos of the trees at the bottom of my garden. I call them my trees, but they are not really, they line the canal at the back of my house. I love to watch them change colour in the Autumn, lose their foliage in the Winter and then see it grow again in the Spring to full bloom in the Summer. They give us lots of visitors, usually birds. There are owls in there too and we can hear their 'conversation.' On a summer evening if you stand still and quiet in the garden, you may be joined by bats. The past week or two though we have been visited quite regularly by these two squirrels. They are very brave and come right up to my door. I'm pretty sure they have hidden some of their nut supply in my garden as they keep visiting over and over, despite my cats.

I wasn't actually taking a photo of the squirrels, as I said before, I like to take photos of the trees and I just caught the squirrels by chance, scuttling away because I'd opened the back door.

I hope they have all they need now to keep them warm and well fed over the winter.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Word of the Week - Infusions

This week has been mostly about going to the hospital every day to receive my intravenous infusion of immunoglobulin.
Each day I have been hooked up for three to four hours and sitting in a reclining chair on a ward with mostly Multiple Sclerosis patients.
When you receive these infusions you get to see familiar faces and make new friends. I probably won't see them outside of hospital but it's always nice to catch up with someone you've seen before. Some patients are there every month, some only once a year, everyone is different and of different ability. Some walk in as if there is nothing wrong with them. Some look really sick. Some can walk, some can't. But we all have something in common, we rely on these infusions to keep going on with our lives.

The infusion I get, Immunoglobulin, is plasma taken from blood donors. It contains anti-bodies which can help conditions like mine along with other auto-immune conditions.

Today is my last day and I probably won't be back until January for my next session. So far I am not doing to bad, the side effects seem less this time and I already feel like I have more energy. Last night I was feeling like I could do anything, but when I walked it still felt like I was walking through treacle. Still, even if my walking is really slow, if I do have more energy I can walk further than before, fingers crossed. I'm not sure how long the effects will last. Come on little anti-bodies, I believe in you!

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Looking After Your AGA This Winter

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It’s that special time of year – the time you fire up the AGA after a lazy summer. You may well have missed it over the summer period, as it’s so handy for drying clothes and making slow stews, so it can be exciting and some compensation for the longer nights and cold mornings.

The only problem is that your AGA will have gone from being dormant to being in demand and this means it needs the right care and treatment. From finding the right cheaphome heating oil provider to having a full service towards the end of summer, it’s important to start autumn with your AGA at the top of its game.

Monitor your heating oil levels
AGAs are designed to be in constant use, so if the oil levels run low, you run the risk of introducing air into the system, which means an airlock, which in turn shuts off the system entirely. This is a major hassle. You may have topped up your kerosene levels at the end of the summer, but you sometimes use more oil than you realise and you can find yourself dangerously low if you don’t keep an eye on your consumption. You can install oil level monitors, as well as sensors which alert you if your levels drop suddenly, which could indicate theft. There’s even an app for it…

Use the most appropriate products
By using cooker kerosene, you’ll eventually see the benefits over using the cheaper standard fuel. Standard kerosene can clog up your inlets which means annoyingly frequent services and fixes, as well as more downtime. Cooker kerosene also offers a lower char value for a better burn, as well as preventing the development of deposits and slowing down the corrosion of the tank.

Using fuel additives also helps to prevent the formation of tank sludge and rust; they help the AGA to run more smoothly and are relatively inexpensive – certainly much less money than those extra engineer call-outs.

You still need your engineer, though
You must get your AGA serviced at least once a year by a qualified technician as this improves safety and helps to prevent breakdowns. The best times to book a service are at the end of spring and the beginning of autumn just before you crank it up again. This minimises the risk of a breakdown during the coldest week of the year…

Don’t let it get out of shape
AGAs are meant to run all year round, but many people turn them off in the summer to save oil and money. This is fair enough, but you can’t let your AGA lie dormant for the entire period – run it every couple of weeks for a few hours to prevent airlocks and other problems. It’s also good for spotting problems before the cold sets in.

Clean your AGA regularly
You must clean your AGA regularly to get the best performance. Clean as you cook, as this helps to prevent the formation of hard carbon deposits that get in the way of efficient cooking. There are AGA-specific cleaning products, but for everyday cleaning, a wipe-over with a damp cloth is all you’ll need.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

Monday, 9 October 2017

Preparing for a Miracle

I wrote a blog post and my daughter, Boo, leaned over my shoulder and I was horrified. I told her to go away and not to read what I was writing over my shoulder, I said she was rude.

I made her cry.

I comforted her and then read back what I'd written. I'd poured out my deepest feelings and they were horrible. No wonder I didn't want her to see.

Have you ever sat at a keyboard and just written everything down, all your feelings, all that's wrong with life?

It's not a bad thing to do, it does help to get those feelings out. But sometimes it's just not right to share them and my reaction to Boo made me realise that. So I apologised to Boo, gave her a big hug and all was right with her. If only life was that easy to fix!

Then I decided to take a positive turn and starting looking up miracles. Oh yes, that's what I need. forget winning the lottery, I need a miracle. I need to get well so I can fix everything else. Sometimes I think that I got sick because I spent so long trying to fix things, sometimes I think I burnt myself out. Stress and stress and more stress trying to be here and there and solving everyone's problems, carrying everyone's burdens. Then to see a family member drop down in front of me and never get up again. Maybe that was just too much. Maybe that pushed me over the edge and my body decided to start attacking itself?

But, if I had  a miracle, a cure for myself, then that would prove that I could do anything wouldn't it? All with the hindsight that looking after myself is most important.

So, as I said, I started looking up miracles and I came across Jordan Bach. A little research made me think he was slightly bonkers, you know, the sort of person that oozes so much positivity that they must be a complete depressive zombie in their own world. (oh, hang on, no, that's me.) No, Jordan Bach does have some great resources if you are feeling down.

Here is what Jordan Bach says about Miracles.


There are 2 important steps to manifest what you want:
1) Create a channel through which the miracle can flow. You can't have the miracle just by wishing for it. You have to stretch yourself: send out the resumé, make the phone calls, and put up the website.
2) Prepare to receive that which you want. Align your energy with abundance, not lack. Affirm, "This or something better is on its way to me." The perfect mental vibration to hold is gratitude for what you already have and excitement for what is to come.

So, my miracle is a little more than something I can just wish for or plan for, I definitely can't stretch myself (ok, that's a personal joke, I have stiff person syndrome, my muscles are stiff and stretching is something I cannot physically do!) I can prepare myself though. Instead of thinking this treatment didn't work last time and it's not going to work again, I can think, this treatment didn't work last time but that doesn't mean it wont work this time. Just a tiny little difference in the way of thinking can create the channel for a better outcome.

I know this. I have a degree in psychology. I know how positive thinking is real and can have very real affects. Start the day on a positive note and you are more able to deal with whatever the day throws at you. I have practised this for so long.

I have young children, what could be a more stressful start to the day when you have to get them up and ready for school on time. Even when completely planned, clothes ready, bags ready, even breakfast bowls set up, you can't account for the odd tantrum or refusal to get dressed.

If you react with anger then the kids will go to school miserable and you will feel guilty.

If you react calmly and positively, count every blessing (she put her socks on all by herself today) and get on with the stressful times (cuddle the tantrum thrower and tell them everything will be okay) then everyone's day will be more positive and happy.

It's simple, yet sometimes so difficult.

Today, I am pushing my problems to the back of my mind. I am going to the hospital feeling positive. I'm going to receive my infusion with gratitude. I know it costs the NHS around £450 per infusion and I will be having five of them, that's just the cost of the infusion, never mind how much it costs the hospital to treat me. It's mind blowing and I'm so utterly grateful for the NHS.

Each day I will expect my miracle and at the end I won't get depressed like before. If my miracle doesn't arrive then I will look for it elsewhere. It has to come eventually.

miracles only happen if you believe in miracles

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W7 Eye Palette Review and Competition

I'm no expert when it comes to make-up, in fact it took me a while to stop my make-up habits first developed circa 1982. Jackie Magazine was my inspiration, it was hard work getting my fine, thin hair looking as full as this! The blusher application was a talent in itself.

I do love a more natural look now though, and when I get dressed up I will go for a smokey eyed look rather than full on colour. So I was thrilled when I was sent this W7 Smokin' eye palette from Free Stuff.

As you can see, the palette contains 12 eye shadows with shades of greys, browns and nudes. There is also a choice of matt or shimmer shades. It's perfect for carrying you from day to night by adding a little sparkle. The palette is a sturdy tin so it will stay safe in your bag and there is also a handy applicator and brush supplied. The shades are crease free and provide great coverage and they are perfect for a smokey look.
How do you fancy the chance of winning one of ten W7 Eye Shadow Palettes for yourself? 

Just follow the Link to enter;

Terms and Conditions:

This competition ends on the 1st December 2017

By entering you agree to sign up to WOW FreeStuff Newsletter

Must be over 18 and based in the UK 

Good Luck!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

My Sunday Photo 8th October 2017

I've seen these little Christmas pudding chocolate orange holders on Pinterest for a while now and I really wanted to have a go at making one. Well, I thought they would make nice stocking fillers for Christmas, a nice handmade gift along with a chocolate treat!

So I went searching for a pattern, but being a skinflint I wanted one for free. I found just one and I knew I needed to be wary when the first line of the post said 'I've never written a pattern before.' When I finished my masterpiece it wasn't big enough to fit an satsuma, never mind a chocolate orange.

I thought, well, how hard can this be really? (Yes, that thought did come after a disastrous attempt the irony is not lost on me.) But, while I'd been following the 'pattern' it did occur to me that this crocheter was not used to making amigurumi like I was, she was not really crocheting a round, but more using the same method you'd use for turning a line. (sorry if I'm getting technical, I'm not even sure what I'm on about myself!) Anyway, I have crocheted many circles now so I'm sure I could make one to fit a chocolate orange. So I gave it a go. And look! I did it! And it doesn't look too bad for a first attempt does it. The little red berry is actually a button and you can undo it to make the pudding cosy big enough to put the orange in, or take it out of course. I even made up the leaves myself, although they are not identical. 

I can't wait to get started on making another one, and this time I'm going to write down what I'm doing, just in case I forget in the future. 

And, I've only been able to crochet for 30 years!
Okay, I learned how to crochet when I was expecting my first born. I made him a blanket which was not too bad. Then I made a little sweater, which was awful. I didn't pick up a hook again until a few months ago. Since then I've been making little amigurumi toys just for fun. 
Do you crochet?

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I've also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I've loved. If I don't love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It's always the latter.

This is my blog, my place and I'll let you know about the things I love. If you want to find out what other people have hated about the product then you will need to look elsewhere.

My reviews may all be positive, but they are still genuine.
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