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Looking After Your AGA This Winter

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It’s that special time of year – the time you fire up the AGA after a lazy summer. You may well have missed it over the summer period, as it’s so handy for drying clothes and making slow stews, so it can be exciting and some compensation for the longer nights and cold mornings.

The only problem is that your AGA will have gone from being dormant to being in demand and this means it needs the right care and treatment. From finding the right cheaphome heating oil provider to having a full service towards the end of summer, it’s important to start autumn with your AGA at the top of its game.

Monitor your heating oil levels
AGAs are designed to be in constant use, so if the oil levels run low, you run the risk of introducing air into the system, which means an airlock, which in turn shuts off the system entirely. This is a major hassle. You may have topped up your kerosene levels at the end of the summer, but you sometimes use more oil than you realise and you can find yourself dangerously low if you don’t keep an eye on your consumption. You can install oil level monitors, as well as sensors which alert you if your levels drop suddenly, which could indicate theft. There’s even an app for it…

Use the most appropriate products
By using cooker kerosene, you’ll eventually see the benefits over using the cheaper standard fuel. Standard kerosene can clog up your inlets which means annoyingly frequent services and fixes, as well as more downtime. Cooker kerosene also offers a lower char value for a better burn, as well as preventing the development of deposits and slowing down the corrosion of the tank.

Using fuel additives also helps to prevent the formation of tank sludge and rust; they help the AGA to run more smoothly and are relatively inexpensive – certainly much less money than those extra engineer call-outs.

You still need your engineer, though
You must get your AGA serviced at least once a year by a qualified technician as this improves safety and helps to prevent breakdowns. The best times to book a service are at the end of spring and the beginning of autumn just before you crank it up again. This minimises the risk of a breakdown during the coldest week of the year…

Don’t let it get out of shape
AGAs are meant to run all year round, but many people turn them off in the summer to save oil and money. This is fair enough, but you can’t let your AGA lie dormant for the entire period – run it every couple of weeks for a few hours to prevent airlocks and other problems. It’s also good for spotting problems before the cold sets in.

Clean your AGA regularly
You must clean your AGA regularly to get the best performance. Clean as you cook, as this helps to prevent the formation of hard carbon deposits that get in the way of efficient cooking. There are AGA-specific cleaning products, but for everyday cleaning, a wipe-over with a damp cloth is all you’ll need.

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

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