The Gruffalo’s Child – Review

On 23rd December we went to Birmingham Town Hall to see the Gruffalo’s Child.
I took Star and Boo and we were all really excited. We have the book and have seen the animation on tv, but now we were off to see the live show.
The girls were mesmerised from beginning to end. They never took their eyes off the stage and joined in with everything. I really enjoyed the show too (I just hope my nasty cough didn’t disturb anyone too much)
With just three actors throughout, a very simple set and basic costumes the show was simple but very entertaining. The songs were lovely and the girls were soon singing along. We all had different favourites, Boo liked the snake with his shiny coat, he was a real party animal. Star liked the fox, but then foxes are a favourite of hers anyway, she loved his big bushy tail. My favourite was the owl who taught us how to fly.
The show is advertised for 3 years plus and I do think that a lot of the younger ones that had been brought along did find it difficult to sit still for the whole show. There was a small child in front and one behind us that spent most of the show crawling around the floor. They didn’t distract my girls though, at ages 5 and 7 I think the show kept them captivated.

You can catch the Gruffalo’s Child at the Birmingham Town Hall until 16th January 2013, then it will be on tour around the country until 16th June. All dates and venues can be found here.

Our trip to see the Gruffalo’s Child was arranged by the lovely Cat from Yellow Days, a big thanks to her for arranging this and to Birmingham Town Hall for the tickets.

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