We are all fans of crips in our home so I was more than happy to review Walkers Mightly Lights.
Available in three flavours, Cheese and Onion, Roast Chicken and Lightly Salted they contain 30% less fat and no artificial colours or preservatives.

Mighty Lights are ridged crips and are more healthy than regular crips but with all the flavour.

So what did my family make of them?

Dad: I like the ridges in them, they are really nice, in fact I prefer them to usual Walkers crisps.

Eldest Daughter: The ridges are too close together and they are too crunchy, but the flavour is really nice. 

No1 Son: They taste just like regular crisps, you can’t tell they have less fat.

          Star: I like the Cheese and Onion ones best, they feel good on your tongue.

Boo: Can I have another packet please mum?

Little Man: I can’t eat any more…*passes me an empty packet* (he normally does this with regular crsips but there is always half the packet left)

I was surprised that these were low fat crisps, usually that means they are not as crunchy and taste nothing like regular crisps. Not so with these Mighty Lights, they have a perfect crispy crunch and taste delicious. Personally I’m not a fan of ridged crisps but I would buy these again. The littlies love crisps but I don’t buy them every day but they are great for that occasional treat and I like that they are a more healthy option.

I was sent three multi packs of Walkers Mighty Lights for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are made by myself and my family.

On Friday 20th September I was lucky enough to be one of the finalists attending the MAD Blog Awards. I am still amazed that I made it to the finals, that people actually nominated and voted for my blog. If you did, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The day came at the end of a totally manic week. We actually moved house on the day before the awards. I’d hardly slept all week with the stress of the move, I’d barely had time to feel anxious about the awards, or even travelling to London by myself. On the morning I grabbed my bag that had been packed before we moved and kept safely so it didn’t get lost and jumped in my rented car. The plan was to return the car and then jump the train to London, but I forgot my mobile and had to go back home to fetch it barely making my train on time. I was so tired I actually slept on the train and I never sleep on public transport. Finally I arrived in London and promptly got lost on my way to the hotel. When I arrived I was hot, sweaty and stressed. The receptionist at the hotel was charming and coped very well with my tired and frazzled brain and incoherent babbling.

After freshening up I met my lovely friend Steph from Steph’s Two Girls. When then got ready together and were soon on our way to the Royal Kensington Garden Hotel for the awards. The evening started with champagne and the meeting of many lovely bloggers. It’s always a lovely experience meeting a blogger that you have been reading, you feel like you kind of know them already.

I’d been gifted my dress by Boden, I’d chosen a lovely navy blue embroidered dress.

We then sat down for a delicious three course meal with lots of wine. I was sat by Monika from Mum on the Brink and Ruth from Geek Mummy. I’d seen these ladies before but not had the chance to speak to them properly. They are both really lovely ladies. I was also lucky enough to share my table with Lexi from MammyWoo who walked away with not one but two awards, including Blog of the Year! The Outstanding Blogger Award left us with not a dry eye in the house. All finalists were brought to the stage and emotions were high, they were all winners but it was Jennie from Edspire who walked away with the trophy. The presenter for the evening was Dr Ranj, best known for his role in CBeebies Get Well Soon.

After the awards we were treated to music and dancing and a rather crazy chef called Mozzerella to keep us entertained. There was also a surf board challenge for anyone brave enough to take a go.

It was a truly magical evening and I consider myself so lucky to have been able to attend. Many thanks to MAD Blog Awards and Parent Dish, and all who made this evening so special.

This week we are moving home, from a tiny three bedroomed house which has never been modernised, to a lovely brand new five bedroom house with three bathrooms.

Twenty four years ago I moved into my home with my two year old son and baby daughter. The house seemed huge back then, we’d just moved from a one bedroomed flat. After a few years I was fed up of the toilet being outside and the tiny kitchen but a little work brought the toilet indoors and a few little changes to the kitchen made it a little more usable. When my children were eight and nine their dad decide to go and make himself a new life elsewhere and for a while we were alone. The house was fine, even though the kitchen was still a bit small.

Then I met my current partner and after he moved in we decided to have children together. I’d always wanted more children so I was really happy. It didn’t happen straight away, in fact it took more than two years before I got pregnant with my third child.

By this time Eldest Daughter was sixteen and I imagined she would be leaving home for university, or falling in love and leaving the nest at some point. No1 son, then eighteen, was at a college that offered supported living from nineteen. I knew that my baby would be sharing a room with us for a while but I figured that even if the older ones didn’t move out we could split our huge bedroom into two smaller ones.

After Star was born we decided to try for one more and soon I was expecting Boo. The eldest were still at home but it was ok, we still had our fallback plan of splitting one room into two.

No1 son missed out on a residential place at college. Eldest Daughter had other problems which meant she would at home for a while longer. The fallback plan looked more and more likely. Then I had a little surprise in the form of The Little Man. Not part of my plan but still a very gorgeous addition so I’m not complaining.

The house seemed to shrink around us. It had never been huge but now it was feeling smaller and smaller as seven of us were cramped inside. This was not my plan and soon we were all becoming a little depressed about our situation. There just wasn’t room for the littlies to grow, not  enough space for any of us really.

Then we were offered the chance to move to a brand new five bedroomed house. So new that if you look it up on Google maps this is what you would see.

We were supposed to have been moving  in July but the date was pushed back to early August. Then it was pushed back again to late August. Then we were supposed to have moved on 9th September but the water supply was not sorted. So now we are moving on 18th September and we can’t wait!
being built

almost ready

Every year we have a local festival on our Square (which is actually round, but it has four corners…no, I can’t work it out either!) Last year we had a sunny fun day as these pics show:

Just one year later and it was a different story as rain stopped play. Most activities couldn’t go ahead and it was too windy for the bouncy castles. We still had ‘center stage’ with various acts and there was a marquee with cakes, activities and face painting. There was one little train ride which the littlies enjoyed and Boo was face painted as a pink cat:

It was quite sad really that the weather was so bad. We had been looking forward to seeing local residents for the last time at the festival but as you can imagine the turnout was pretty poor. Maybe we will make a special trip back again next year if the weather is nice.
So what do you do when your festival is a washout? You bring on a singing monkey!

Say hello to the new pan in my life, this is the Ozeri Green Earth Pan (20cm)

Sexy isn’t he? In fact I love the green colour so much I’ve decided on a green theme for my new kitchen. (Did I tell you I was moving house next week?)

So what is the first thing I did when I received my lovely new pan? Well, I cooked something green in it of course.

Ok, not totally green but this is my giant falafel burger, and very tasty it was too. Falafel burgers are really easy to make, just add chickpeas, garlic, chilli and parsley to your blender and wizz to a thick paste. Then shape into a burger and fry until slightly golden and cooked through.
Besides the lovely green colour the Ozeri Green Earth pan has many other advantages. 
  • It’s a good sturdy pan although not too heavy. 
  • It’s ultra non-stick and you only need a small amount of oil
  • It has a scratch free ceramic coating
  • It has a bakelight heat resistant handle
and it’s green! No not just in colour, the Green Earth Pan is one of the world’s first frying pans to achieve non-stick perfection while remaining absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals.
What does that mean? Well, basically that no harmful toxins will be released into the environment while using this pan, even at high temperatures. 
Of course, you may think that frying your food is unhealthy but if you need to fry why not do it with a pan that requires a tiny amount of oil. I cooked sweetcorn fritters which usually need a fair amount of oil to stop them sticking in a regular pan. I have to leave them on kitchen paper to drain after cooking. However, with this pan I was able to cook them with a lot less oil and there was no need for draining. They tasted better too. They also cooked quicker because the Green Earth pan is a better conductor of heat and can cook quicker than most pans. So you can turn your heat down too. 
You can purchase the Ozeri Green Earth pan from Amazon for £24.95, that’s a 38% saving on it’s regular price. 
Now, pancakes anyone?
Disclaimer: I have received an Ozeri Green Earth pan for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, so is the falafel burger!