Frozen is the new Disney film that came out last winter, it’s full of snow and ice and a funny snowman….so you can imagine my joy when my daughter wanted a Frozen party for her birthday….in July! Not only that but one of the hottest Julys in my memory!  Has it been hotter than 1976? ahem, yes I do remember that far back and my little leather look hotpants!

So, off to Pinterest I trotted and found a whole host of Frozen party ideas. Then I decided that I wasn’t clever enough/creative enough and decided to come up with my own ideas.

The cake I did find inspiration for, but I have been having a bit of a lost mojo moment with my cake decorating lately. I decided to make it easy on myself and grab my daughter an extra birthday present in the process and I bought the figures on Ebay. The cake itself was two tiers of chocolate deliciousness, you just can’t beat a moist chocolate cake. I was desperately trying to find a sugar thermometer that didn’t cost as much as the entire pack of figures so I could make the ‘ice’ but then my local cake shop man…Thanks Richard from Love Cake Supplies…gave me a great idea. I bought a bag of Foxes Glacier Mints and placed them on tin foil on a baking tray. I baked them at a medium temp and kept an eye on them until they melted, about 5 mins. They came out as a flat sheet of minty candy which I left to cool and then broke up to make into ice shards for my cake. So much easier than making your own sugar candy.

Cake sorted, I turned to a party supplies shop for my cups and plates and table cloth. Frozen ones are popular at the moment and you can get them anywhere. Then I bought some polystyrene ‘snowballs’ from Ebay. You can get these at Hobby Craft if you have one local. I went for 9cm but they were a bit big, so I bought some more at 5cm which were perfect and the bigger ones we used for a bowling game.
Frozen Bowling:
I printed off some A4 size cut outs from the characters of Frozen, then glued them onto plastic drinks bottles. (I used these sheets from Red Ted Art and made them a little bigger) I covered a big cardboard box with a sheet in an attempt to make it look like a big iceberg and then placed the bottles on top. The children were then given the larger polystyrene snowballs to knock them over.
Making Olaf
Olaf is the funny snowman in the film. He comes apart and you can put him together whatever way you like. I found an Olaf cut out and printed off loads and put all the parts in a shoe box. I then gave the children some glue and told them to stick them together in whichever way they wanted.
Making Snow.
I bought a tub of Insta Snow on Amazon. This is amazing stuff, truly. I sorted out some plastic tubs and gave shared them amongst the children. I then put just two teaspoons of the Insta Snow in each tub (it comes with a handy scoop) and gave the children a beaker of water. They all added the beaker to the tubs at the same time and the party was filled with awe and amazement as such a tiny amount of powder turned into half a tub of soft snow. The kids loved it, the way it changed, the feel of it, they were just totally amazed. (If I’m honest, so were the adults) I let them play with it and we added some more snow to the tubs. Then my eldest son took a tub of ‘snow’ and sprinkled it from the bedroom window while the children ran around in the sprinkling snow. I then gave them the smaller polystyrene snowballs for some fun snowball fights and they played on until home time.  I still have nearly half a tub of Insta Snow left!

Boo told me she had a fantastic day, and we couldn’t have wished for nicer weather for a garden party.

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I’ve not had a car for two years so imagine my excitement when on Saturday morning I picked up my lovely new car. Buying that one way bus ticket was a lovely feeling.

Here is my first photo of the new car, so shiny you can see my reflection…boy does my bum look big in this car!

So, day one, I do a bit of driving picking up friends and bringing them to our house for a party for Boo.
Day two, we take Boo to Toys R Us to spend her birthday money.
Day three I go to the supermarket with ED, the first time I’ve been able to do a big shop, not online, for so long!

So, it’s about 5.30pm and ED and I are packing away the shopping in the boot when Ed decided it’s not all going to fit and wants to put some on the back seats. I think I can get it in so reach into the trolly to get some more bags and ED closes the boot.

“arrghh! what have you done?” I cry!
“I’m going to put the rest on the back seat” she replies

Not possible, my car keys are in my handbag, along with my purse and phone. My handbag is on the shelf above the boot space which has now been closed and locked. Of course, I was stupid enough to only unlock the boot and not the car!

So, a quick word with customer services and they allowed me to use their phone to call the RAC. It’s ok, he’ll be here in less than an hour…and he was.

However, he couldn’t get into my car!
He called a lock smith who said he could be there in about forty minutes….and he was.

“It’s ok” said the RAC man, “this lock smith is good, he has a hundred per cent record and will have the car open in ten minutes max.”

It took him two and a half hours!

We hadn’t packed all of the shopping so we had a little picnic, half a bloomer, crisps and a bottle of water. We were lucky, in case of emergency we had toilet paper and Tampax!

Why, oh why did we pack the doughnuts so soon?

When they had got me in my first objective was to pack the rest of the shopping in the boot..and I did manage to get it all in. In the meantime they men had jumped in my car and were fiddling about with all my gadgets…typical, every man that’s been in the car so far has fiddled!
mmmm, thank you very much for getting my car open, but please may I go home now!!

Looking on the bright side, its quite reassuring that it took them so long to break into my car, I don’t think it will be easily stolen…unless they break a window. That was always an option, but who wants to break the window of their new car?

I also didn’t have to cook for the rest of the family or do the bedtime routine, poor OH had to do it all by himself. Instead I spent the evening in a car park watching two men trying to break into my new car!

So, I have learnt some lessons!

1. Separate my keys, I had my spare key on the same keyring..of course I would have separated them but in my defence I’d only had them a couple of days, a couple of very busy days in which I’d thought of separating them but just not got around to it.

2. Never unlock the boot without unlocking the rest of the car. I suppose it is a useful feature in a way, but every other car I’ve had the boot has opened only when I’ve opened the rest of the car so it’s not necessary.

3. Stick to shopping online…um probably not, I’ve not had much luck with my shopping deliveries either! Ok, alternative option, stop eating food at home!

In the meantime, Boo is at home writing a song about my escapades:

ohhh wat have I don got a new car
and I locked my keys in the car
oooooh I am silly
ooooh yes I am silly
sha la la la la I locked the keys in
silly I shud keep them out
I am so sad
I hate it
I opened the car and locked the keys innnnnn
It’s a silly song

Wot So Funee?

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Hello and welcome to this weeks Kids in the Kitchen, the linky where we can all share our adventures in the kitchen with the kids. This week we did something simple and made Toasted Sandwiches, more about that later.

Each week I like to say thank you to those that linked up the previous week.

Over on Autism Mummy, little D helped to make Mrs E’s Bran loaf, I really have to give this a try, what a great way of getting some extra fibre in your diet.

On Fun For Families even the lego helped out in the kitchen and they made some Awesome Almond Cookies.

Our regular little chef, The Beautiful Miss T from The Beesley Buzz (just take a look at the first photo, adorable) made some tasty looking Panko Chicken Nuggets.

Thank you for linking up everyone, I hope some more decide to join us this week, it’s so inspirational sharing our recipes and enjoying the help (and I use that word lightly, lol) from our kids in the kitchen.

Toasted Sandwiches.

We had a really, really busy weekend. First I had a new car, picked it up first thing Saturday morning so of course we wanted to go out…but we also had a birthday party for Boo on the same day. So the trip out had to wait until Sunday, which meant not much time to spend with the kids in the kitchen, although I did have a little help with eating all the party food!
So yesterday the Little Man was the first to volunteer to make lunch for us all. I picked something nice and simple and we all had toasted sandwiches. 
I remember when sandwich toasters first came out and my friend’s family had one. I swore that I would have one in my home and I would use it every day! Well, ours is pretty old, and to be honest it doesn’t get used that much, but it’s a nice change from a regular sandwich and you can use your imagination when it comes to fillings.
We chose just cheese for the littlies and bacon and scrambled egg for the grown-ups.
The little man helped make the sandwiches. We don’t always put butter on cheese toasted sandwiches but I think butter spreading is a useful skill to learn, so I had the Little Man buttering the bread first then assembling the cheese before I put their sandwiches in the toaster. I cooked the bacon and eggs and then let the Little Man assemble our sandwiches. Do you put butter on bacon sandwiches? I always find this strange for some reason, but I know some people do.
While the sandwiches were cooking, the Little Man decided it was time for a glass of milk.
Then we all tucked into toasted sandwiches, thank you Little Man.
As you see, Kids in the Kitchen doesn’t have to be about complicated recipes, it’s more about getting the kids in the kitchen helping out. Of course it’s also nice to share recipes and gain inspiration, but I’m happy for all sorts of posts to be linked up.

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My Facebook timeline has been filled with proud parents posting about their kids fantastic school reports and that’s great, it’s so lovely to be proud.

I’m really proud of Boo, not only has she changed school and had to make heaps of new friends, she’s had to fit in even though she is a slow learner and has had a lot of catching up to do. She might not be the brightest in the class but she is the youngest. She no longer needs an Individual Education Plan and is keeping up with the rest of the class. She’s gone from not being able to write or spell to producing some lovely stories. Her drawings are really good and she’s always got a pen and paper in her hand. What has really surprised me is that she’s really good at mathematics, I don’t know where she gets that from! Her report praises her for coping with the change of school so well and being good at making new friends. She’s also really well behaved and attentive in class. She tries really hard and it’s obvious that she really wants to learn. So, even though she doesn’t get the best scores in tests, she is a little trouper and I’m sure one day she will prove how clever she really is.

The Little Man’s report reflects his personality. He talks to much, he doesn’t listen, he does his own thing. He does play nicely with the other children and is not disruptive or naughty, so I’m not too worried about him. He can write his own name and recognise a lot of letters and numbers. He is bright despite being the youngest in the class (yes again, thanks to me only having babies in the summer holidays!) but he doesn’t like being told what to do. (He gets that from his Dad!) I’m hoping he will be more settled when he starts reception in September.

So, no A+ in our house (yet) but I’m still a really proud Mummy!

Linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements, currently being hosted over on  AutismMummy

Ethans Escapades

Welcome to this weeks Kids in the Kitchen, This week the Little Man helped me make Soda Bread, which is really easy and quick to make, and it involves kneading, and kids love kneading. It was such a lovely loaf that I’ve decided to enter it into the Bakespiration competition.

Last week, Little Miss T showed us how she makes Naan Bread over on the Beesley Buzz. Thank you for joining in and I hope that there will be others joining us this week as I’d love to see what everyone is up to in the kitchen with their kids.

If you would like to know more about Kids in the Kitchen and why I started the linky you can read all about it here. Sometimes it feels like a task to get the kids in the kitchen, and it can be very very messy. It’s all worth it though because they have so much fun and are learning all the time. My mum never cooked with me (although I did do a little baking with my nan) and when I left home to get married at 19 (I know, I was a bit young!) I did not have a clue. My husband had to teach me everything, even how to boil an egg. It’s funny, he was watching me decorate a wedding cake a couple of weeks ago and commented on this! I guess I’ve learnt a lot in the thirty years since. (eeek!) I digress a little…what I’m trying to say is, I want my kids to be able to cook, it is, after all, a very useful skill to have.

So do come and join us, find some inspiration and encourage your kids to cook with you, you won’t regret it.

Soda Bread

I remember watching Masterchef not so long ago, that part where they are shown some food and have to write down the ingredients and then go and replicate the food. Well, in this particular episode there was Soda Bread and I was amazed at how many of the contestants had no idea and where trying to make bread in various ways such as proving it in a warm oven. You see, that’s the beauty of Soda Bread, you mix it up, knead it and then pop it in the oven. No need to leave it under a tea cloth for a couple of hours to rise! It’s so quick and easy to make. 
500g plain flour
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
1tsp salt
300 mls of buttermilk
If you don’t have buttermilk you can make it by leaving the milk at room temperature for about an hour after adding 1 tsp of lemon juice. Or another alternative is to use half milk and half natural yoghurt. 
Sieve the flour, soda and salt into a large bowl
add the buttermilk and warm water and mix to a sticky dough
turn out and knead on a floured surface for about 10 minutes
shape into a dome and then cut a cross in the top.
Cook at gas 190C/gas mark 5 for about 1/2 hour
Easy peasy!

The Little Man was proud of his loaf

so delicious with gooseberry jam

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