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  1. raisiebay

    it was really pretty easy to make 🙂 The sword I made out of cardboard and stuck squares of icing on following a template…first attempt was all icing but I didn't think it was going to dry so I made the cardboard one, then the icing one did dry but my eldest son broke it!

  2. TheMadHouse

    That cake is AMAZING. I saw it on soical media and was amazed. I love all the things you did to make your bonus boys birthday just right.


  1. […] Raisie Bay is a family-oriented lifestyle blog that discusses hard topics often shied upon or are too niche specific, like mental health, and how it is like to raise children with autism. The blog also talks about parenting while having a disability, along with the mundane yet still unpredictable domains of parenting. Favorite Party Post: Minecraft Birthday Party for the Little Man […]

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