the little man sitting on a tree
My Little Man, my baby (although he hates it when I call him this,) my youngest and last child.
I can’t believe how quickly times flies, he was surely just a baby yesterday and now he’s in his seventh year! 
See his blonde hair, it looks lighter in this photo with the sun shining on it, it has got darker as he has got older. He was born with very blonde hair and I remember it being really blonde until he was four, then it starting getting darker. My first born son has dark brown, almost black hair, then my three daughters have brown hair getting lighter as they get younger, then there is the Little Man who has almost blonde hair. If you lined my children up by age their hair would go down in shades.
My Little Man has blue eyes, his brother, my eldest has brown eyes. Two of my girls have blue eyes and one has brown. I have brown eyes and I love that I have one boy and one girl with my eyes.
The Little Man looks just like his Dad, apart from the hair colour. My eldest son looks like me. My daughters all look like me. My eldest daughter and Star look so alike each other despite the sixteen year age gap and the fact that they have different fathers. 
My first three children are all really tall, but the Little Man and Boo are small. Star is only 11 but I have to buy her 14 to 15 yr old clothes. Boo is 9 and wears 9-10 yr old clothes. I can’t even pass Stars clothes down to Boo because despite their being less than two years between them their size difference is five years!


Sunday Snap

The Learning Success System is a simple method parents can use to help children overcome learning difficulties. It simplifies the process and enables a parent to work at home with their child.

The Learning Success System is convenient for both children and parents.
It minimises high costs of learning centres.
It uses cutting edge neuroscience research.

The strategy for learning is divided into three parts,

  1. calm the emotions
  2. incorporate the body
  3. build up the fundamental skills off learning

The site offers a learning difficulty analysis which is really useful. You could discover that it’s just one micro-skill that your child needs to make learning easier.

The system helps children with specific problems such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Dyscalculia and
Dysgraphia. It’s also helpful for children who just find learning difficult. they may be struggling with a specific problem, or falling behind their class mates.

On starting learning success you are introduced to the Key Tenets, or the philosophy of learning success. It’s very detailed and includes such things as micro skill, grit, emotions, nutrition and multi-sensory approaches.

The program is customisable to your needs but the suggestions are that you start out with some exercise for your child. There is a short video which explains why this is important. It’s something that is being realised a lot more these days, even my kid’s school are experimenting with an little exercise before learning.

Then you need to do a cross-lateral exercise and a micro skill exercise. These exercises are explained in detail as you work through the process and you can choose which ones to do with your child.

As you continue with the course you add more micro-skills until you are doing enough to fulfil your allotted time commitment. You decide at the beginning how much time you are going to spend each day following Learning Success.

You are also asked to journal the learning Success journey. This keeps you on track and focused. I spent a little time with my child each day recording what we had done.

You will soon develop a routine but it’s good to break it up once in a while, play a game or listen to an audio book. We are learning Spanish by reading and listening to audio books. We do this activity once a week, it’s different and fun.

I love that the rules are not set in stone because everyone is different. You make your commitment which suits you and your child, this can be 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week, 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week, or 30 minutes twice a week…you get the idea. Commit to something you know you can do.

Each day you will receive an e-mail with a link to the day’s exercise(s) There are little videos each day which don’t take up much time. The content is varied and interesting for both parent and child. You can access all of the lessons all of the time in your member area. This is why it is so customisable.

I have found the  Learning Success system easy to use and very helpful. It’s nothing like any learning system I’ve seen before. There are also forums for you to connect with other parents and ask questions or share your experiences.

The Learning Success Blog is filled with brilliant posts about learning difficulties and ways of looking at them which are probably very different to ways that have been looked at before.

Would you like to try Learning Success for yourself? I’ve been given one account to give to one of my readers and all you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter widget. Please read Terms and Conditions below.

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Terms and Conditions

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3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
4. There is 1 prize of a Learning Success Subscription
5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
6. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media.
7. The winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications may be shared on social media.
8. The winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond within 4 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
9. Prize will be arranged by Learning Success

Disclosure: Learning Success allowed me access to an account in return for my review and competition. All opinions formed are my own.

On Monday the two youngest went back to school after the Easter Holiday. Star had a few more days off because they are moving to a brand new building and extended the holiday a few days before and after the Easter Break to give them time to complete the move. Star started back to school yesterday and it’s been a big change for her. It’s also been a change for me having the kids back at school after the holiday, it’s been so quiet without them.

Also on Monday I had an appointment with my consultant which involves some changes. I am now weaning off the steroids is good news because I’ve hated being on them. Apart from the weight gain, they’ve interrupted my sleeping pattern and given me gastric problems. I’m pretty sure they’ve affected my blood pressure too. All that and they’ve not made any improvement to my condition.

So the next change is that I’m being put forward for another line of treatment, Intravenous Immuniglobulin (IVIG) I’ll speak more about that later, but it has had some excellent results in other sufferers. so I’m feeling hopeful. I’m just waiting now to hear if and when the treatment will start.

On Tuesday I sold my old electric wheelchair for spares and repairs as it was falling apart. It wasn’t in the best of condition when I bought it second hand a year ago, but I’ve had some good times in it, it served me well. It’s a pity it didn’t fit in the boot of the car otherwise I may have considered paying to get it fixed, but I need something smaller. The money I sold it for has gone into my new wheelchair fund which is now standing at £740! I’m hoping I’ll be able to afford a new chair for the summer. It’ll be a nice change having a new chair that will fit in the car boot. It’s also meant we could change around our dining area as that’s where the old wheelchair was stored.

Wednesday we had a move around of furniture and I got hubby to bring the new bookshelf down that had been banished upstairs after I decided I didn’t like it. I’m still not in love with it, but it fits in better now we’ve moved things around. The old bookshelf has now gone upstairs. It’s made a big change to the room and I’m happy with it now.

On Thursday I decided to clear out my wardrobe. It’s been long, enough, I can’t keep onto my old clothes as I’ll never wear them again. I did feel quite sad piling up my jeans, I also didn’t realise how many pairs I had! So the old clothes are gone and now I have room for the clothes that do fit me and the change in my wardrobe is impressive. There is something quite satisfying about a cleaning out your wardrobe.

So, it’s been a week of changes but they’ve all been good and I’m looking forward to things to come now.

The Reading Residence

It’s Stationary week and we were lucky to receive a parcel of stationary from GMC Group.
The girls were so excited opening the parcel.

Tokidoki is a fusion of Japanese popular culture and trendy European design. It’s loved by fans of manga (Japanese style comic books) and kawaii (cute things in popular Japanese culture.) Tokidoki means ‘sometimes’ in Japanese and the designer, Simone Legno, chose the word because he feels “everyone waits for moments that change ones destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person.”

We instantly fell in love with the larger than life characters adorning this stationary. There is the gorgeous Donutella and her sweet friends, who came to earth in their donut shaped UFOs. Then there is the Cactus friends who adorn cactus shaped suits to keep them safe. The Unicornos spend their time between earth and a magical world where they were transformed from ponies to Unicorns by a magic waterfall. The Moofia were formed to take on school bullies! Milk is power, milk is protection.
The lovely new stationary features all these characters and more. It would be hard to choose a favourite they are all so cute.

Author : Tokidoki
ISBN13 : 9781454921813
Binding : PB
Pages : 64
Photographs : N/a
Series Title : Tokidoki
Quick Find Code : 27567
Price: £7.99

The colouring book was a big favourite as we love colouring in this house, that’s all of us, me included. It features so many of the characters and beyond cute. I love that the pages are one sided so you can use ink and not worry about it bleeding through and spoiling the next page. The book has 32 pages to colour.

Author : Tokidoki
ISBN13 : 9781454921837
Binding : PB
Pages : 120
Photographs : N/a
Series Title : Tokidoki
Quick Find Code : 27568
Price: £9.99

Also in the pack was the larger Colouring Pad. Again featuring all the lovely Tokidori characters the pad is a generous A4 poster size pad with a hard back to make it easier to colour anywhere. Each poster is one sided and can be coloured and pulled out for display. There are 60 posters to colour.

Author : Tokidoki
ISBN13 : 9781454921882
Binding : PB
Pages : 80
Photographs : N/a
Series Title : Tokidoki
Quick Find Code : 27570
Price: £7.99

The Postcard book is fabulous. You can send either a coloured in card or colour one in, or even send one for your friend to colour in. Each coloured card has a matching black and white one to colour. They are good quality cards with spaces for address and messages on the back. Each card is perforated for easy removal. There are 40 designs in total.

We also received some lovely notebooks in the package, both hard back and flexi. The girls snapped these up as they love their books as much as I do. Boo also snapped up the 365 days journal called ‘My Inspired Life’ If you’ve ever had a journal and not known what to write in it then this is book for you. Each of the 365 pages has a question for you to answer about your personal life.
Star grabbed the spiral bound sketch book for her drawings.

The Tokidoki Stationary items are sure to be a big hit with the kids (And adults) especially if they like anything at all cute and useful.

Disclosure: We received a pack of Tokidori stationary in return for our honest review. 

Twin Mummy and Daddy
Lucy At Home

Paperback: 400 pages
Age Range: 9 – 12 years
Publisher: Scholastic; 1 edition (5 Jan. 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1407170996
ISBN-13: 978-1407170992
Product Dimensions: 13.9 x 2.6 x 20.1 cm

I bought this book because the theme called out to me. I thought it would be a good read for my 11 and 9 yr old daughters.
There are always those kids at school that behave a little differently and are hard to be friends with. Maybe they are bullies, or maybe they are just too unlike anyone else. Maybe they are just like the main characters in this book.

The Goldfish Boy is a story about Matthew, a twelve year old boy stuck in his bedroom because of debilitating OCD. But what is OCD and why does Matthew have it? Spending so much time in his room means that he gets to observe the goings on his neighbourhood. The characters are so well described you feel like you live there too. As you are drawn into the goings on something terrible happens. The little Grandson of Matthew’s next door neighbour goes missing from the garden and Matthew is the last person to see him.

There are two other similar aged children living in Matthew’s neighbourhood, both with their own issues and problems. The three children team up together to try and find out what happened to the little boy.

The book is a real page turner as you can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next. When I read it I couldn’t put it down and one of my girls has read it too and thought it was brilliant. There is humour, suspense and sadness in the story, all of this is delivered perfectly and with compassion.

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