This week my word choice was easy, especially with two kids down with Chicken Pox.
I saw a program on television where they said that Chicken Pox got worse with each family member that caught it, and boy they were not wrong.

First was Boo, and within 5 days she was scabbing over and back to school after 7 days. We had a couple of days where she felt poorly, but she didn’t complain much about the spots and didn’t scratch too much with an application or two of calamine lotion.

Then came The Little Man, again he was poorly for a couple of days, but the spots seemed twice as many. His poor little face was almost totally covered bless him. The calamine helped but he looked like a ghost he had to have so much applied. We did have a night or two where he didn’t sleep much because of the itching. It’s coming up to 7 days now and he’s nowhere near as clear as Boo was at this stage. Maybe he will have cleared up enough to go back to school on Monday.

Just a couple of days later and Star was complaining of feeling unwell. “look!” she said as she showed me one lonely spot on her belly. I kept her off school just in case and by lunch time she’d quite a few spots on her belly and back. Within 24 hours she was totally covered in spots from head to toe, I’ve never seen so many. And not tiny spots either, it seems that because she is bigger the spots are bigger, some of them are huge! She’s been so poorly with it as well. The only peace I’ve had is when I’ve let her lie in a bath of oily lotion  which has helped ease the itchiness and burning. She’s been very concerned that she may be dying she’s felt so ill. People should not underestimate the awfulness of chicken pox.

My eldest son, 29, has been unwell since Tuesday, he’s been having hot sweats and his throat was sore. Since I discovered that you can’t get shingles from Chicken Pox I’ve not been too worried. I know he had Chicken Pox as a child. Then yesterday, I noticed his face was looking rather spotty, and he had a few on his arms and one on his tum. No, they can’t be Chicken Pox I assured him. As I watched him slowly become spottier and spottier throughout the day, I’m really not so sure.

The Reading Residence

As you know, here at the Raisie Bay household we love our books. We’ve been a big fan of Lonely Planet Kids books for quite a while, despite us not being big travellers. There are other ways of finding out about the world.

The book I am reviewing today is Unfolding Journeys – Following the Great Wall

ISBN: 9781786571977 Language: English
Authors: Stewart Ross, Victo Ngai
16 pages, 16 pp colour | Dimensions: 934mm x 305mm

“From the dusty desert of Gansu province to the rolling waves of the Yellow Sea, this amazing journey takes you past flaming mountains and ancient wonders. Watch out for mighty fortresses, giant pandas and the extraordinary Army of Terracotta Warriors.  Along the way you’ll discover breathtaking wonders of nature, visit modern China, and see how the traditions and landscape of the Great Wall are changing. You’ll also encounter fascinating ancient Chinese monuments and amazing creatures living near the Wall.”

Created in consultation with William Lindesay OBE – author, presenter, geographer, researcher and leading non-Chinese expert on the Great Wall.

The first thing you notice about this book is that it doesn’t read like a normal book by turning the pages.  It starts off with an information page and fact file and then you are off on your journey along the Great Wall of China. As the book unfolds each part of the journey is marked with short facts which are numbered 1-49. If you want to find out more detail you can look up the number on the reverse side. By the time you have finished you will have unfolded the pages of the book into an eight page frieze of the Great Wall, with all the detailed facts listed along the back.

The book would be a great learning tool for a pupil wanting more information on the Great Wall. It would look good pinned up on a wall or board for reference in a classroom. The frieze is illustrated throughout making it attractive as well as factual.

The book is aimed at children aged 7 plus and is priced at £12.99, although at the time of publishing this post it can be purchased for just £8.70.

The Book I am going to give away is Unfolding Journeys – Secrets of the Nile.

ISBN: 9781786571052 Language: English
Authors: Stewart Ross
16 pages, 16 pp colour | Dimensions: 230mm x 305mm

“From the golden beaches of the Mediterranean, travel upstream to explore the cultural, historical and natural wonders of ancient and modern Egypt. Find out about Egyptian pharaohs and explore their treasures, tombs and mummies; visit modern Egypt and see how the landscape of the Nile is changing; discover the Pyramids and other wonders of the ancient world; and encounter some of the exotic creatures that make the Nile their home.” 

Created in consultation with Anthony Sattin – award-winning author, journalist and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

If you would like the chance to win a copy of this book please fill in the gadget below.

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When I was little my Mum said to me,
“Mrs SoandSo’s little girl has chicken pox so I’m taking you to play with her.”
I was bemused, did my mum want to cheer up Little Miss SoandSo?
“But Mum,” I groaned, “I don’t like Little Miss SoandSo, she picks on me at school.”
Mum wasn’t having any of it though, and I was dragged down the street despite my protests.

Little Miss SoandSo didn’t look poorly but she was covered from head to toe in horrible red spots. She didn’t want me to see her like that and immediately started being mean by not letting me touch any of her toys.

Mum and Mrs SoandSo had a cup of tea in the kitchen while I sat watching Little Miss SoandSo play with her toys. Then she went and sneezed on me!!
Mum was overjoyed, “oh, she’ll catch them for sure now” she beamed.

So, there I was, a young child forced to go and visit a sick child that I didn’t even like and it wasn’t even to cheer her up, it was to catch her horrible spots. I can still see her sitting there scratching herself while playing alone.

Mum was not so happy when I didn’t catch Chicken Pox.

Quite a few years later, when I was eighteen, I was at work when a customer bought her children in on a school day. I asked her why they were not at school and she said they had Chicken Pox, but it was ok because the spots were out and they were no longer contagious.
She was wrong.

A couple of days later on a Saturday morning, I was enjoying a lie in when my cousin came to wake me. She gave me a shake and as I popped out from under the blankets she squirmed….
‘Eugh! you are covered in zits”
WHAT! I hadn’t got a single spot when I went to bed. In fact I had really good skin and had avoided teenage acne completely (well, apart from the odd spot on the tip of my nose!)

I crawled out of bed and looked in the mirror. She was right, but to be honest, I felt so sick it just didn’t bother me. I looked over my body as I struggled to get dressed and found it was not just my face, I was covered in spots. I was covered in Chicken Pox!

For an entire week I barely moved, or ate, or even spoke. I had pox in my mouth, my eyes and my ears as well as everywhere else. I was so ill. I am living proof that it’s better to get Chicken Pox as a child. Mean Little MissSoandSo wouldn’t even share her pox with me.

Mum got my little brother, aged 10, to bring me drinks and keep me company and sure enough he caught them too, but nowhere near as bad as me.

A couple of weeks ago we had a letter from the school saying that there was a Chicken Pox epidemic. It was Boo who caught it first, she was feeling unwell for a couple of days but soon felt better. Her spots where everywhere imaginable but they didn’t seem to bother her too much. I smothered her with calamine lotion and she didn’t scratch. They have scabbed over and started to disappear now and she is back at school.

Then yesterday the Little Man was feeling unwell. He cuddled up to me on the settee and soon fell asleep, very unlike him to sleep in the afternoon. Then I noticed he had a couple of spots on his neck. This morning he was covered from head to toe in spots, he even had one on his eyeball. I was really worried about this but it soon healed up and now he has nothing but a little bloodshot in his eye.

This morning Star woke up with a headache and sore throat. We thought she was trying to wing a day off school, but she did have a high temperature. So, we let her stay home and sure enough the spots are starting to appear now.

Well, that’s all three of them!

I did get worried about catching shingles seeing as I’m a little bit old and have an auto-immune condition. However, Mr Google informs me that you can’t catch shingles from Chicken Pox, although you can catch Chicken Pox from Shingles! 
Debs Random Writings
Mummy Times Two

a single pink rose
It seems like everyone is sharing flower photos but I’m a bit late to the party.
It seems like my garden is late to the party too as it’s not given me many offerings so far.
I have four planters, one containing orange lilies, which have flowered but are already looking tired.
One containing white Carnations which are just starting to flower, one containing Lavender which looks half dead but the other half is starting to blossom, then there is my miniature rose bush which I had high hopes for but so far just this one little bloom. The leaves don’t look so healthy either.
I’ve tried having my planters in different parts of the garden, but too far and I cannot reach them and too close and they don’t seem to get enough sun.
Next week my husband is picking up some pallets and he’s having a go at making some raised flower beds. I really hope he does and that we are able to grow more. 
I post all the photos I visit on my Pinterest Board, if you see your photo and you would rather not have it pinned then please let me know and I will remove it. 


Sunday Snap

We went on Holiday at half term to Haven Littlesea Holiday Camp in Weymouth. It was our first time to this particular camp, but not our first time to a Haven Park. We really loved it and will definitely go back there, probably next year. I know these type of holiday camps are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they suit us just fine. We love caravans and we love holiday camps which have everything on site.

We were so lucky with the weather, it rained when we arrived and it rained on the way home but in between the weather was lovely and warm and mostly sunny.

The first day we stayed on site and settled into our caravan which was lovely and clean and had everything we needed. We spent the evening in the arcade and having a chip shop supper.

Day two we went into Weymouth. We had a little trouble because Star was determined that she wasn’t going and it took us over an hour to persuade her. I still don’t know exactly what her problem was but she was incredibly anxious. Once we were in the car and on the way she wasn’t so bad, until she thought we were lost and then she got worked up again. We know not to talk about being lost or not knowing where to go as it distresses her so much, and we were lost but trying to remain calm about it. Luckily the journey was pretty easy and it was only because of road works and a diversion that we lost our way, but we were soon back on track and old Tom Tom was very helpful.

When we arrived they wanted to go on the beach. This was not what I had planned, I thought we could walk along the sea front and visit some shops and leave the beach until another day. I was over ruled though and in the first shop buckets and spades where purchased and we headed straight to the beach.

I can’t go on the beach in my wheelchair but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had beach wheelchairs for free use. I didn’t feel comfortable about using one so I just sat on the promenade where they were lots of  deckchairs. Dad and kids played on the sand in front of me, and went down to the sea to paddle. I could see them all the time.

kids on the beach

While on the beach we also got to watch a Punch and Judy Show, which was good fun if a little un PC. Boo particularly enjoyed the show and sat right at the front.

After a couple of hours on the beach we were all hungry so we went to a cafe to have a late lunch. Of course, with no planning I had no changes of clothes or towels and the kids were in a mess, so it was lucky there were plenty of cafes with tables outside.

Day three we planned our day at the beach better, taking a picnic, spare clothes and towels. We were on the beach at around 11am and stayed there until around 3pm. As well as playing in the sand and sea the kids also had a jump on the beach trampolines.

trampoline on the beach

On the evening we had a lovely meal at the pub restaurant and the kids played in the playground while waiting for the food. It was all very nice.

The kids loved the arcade so wanted to go there all the time, it couldn’t be avoided because it was central to everything else, if you wanted to go to the entertainment club, the swimming pool or the restaurant we had to go through the arcade. We found that by making a budget of how much we could spend when we went there helped.

The swimming pool was fantastic. There was two indoor pools and one outdoor. The girls went to a pool party which was for the over eights so the Little Man couldn’t go. Dad went with them and they had lots of fun while I had some quality time with my Little Man.

The kids and Dad also had a swim in the outdoor pool and I was shown how to get by the poolside in my wheelchair which was really nice. I am not confident that I could actually cope in the water just yet, but it was nice to watch my family having so much fun…..Then, as they were getting out of the pool to go to the other one and have a go at the water walkers, a disaster almost happened.

It happened so fast I cannot believe that it was real. The Little Man was first out of the outside pool and ran immediately into the big pool. He was too fast for me and I couldn’t get into the big pool area with wheelchair. I called to Dad but before he’d even got out of the water I watched as my little man dived head first into the deep end of the pool! He can’t swim, in fact he’s never been to a pool before so I imagine he had no idea what he was doing. Thankfully a life guard was walking past as he fell in and he immediately scooped him out again unharmed. I think he definitely needed a lesson in pool safety and I’m horrified we hadn’t talked to him before. But we were lucky, he was safe and unharmed, and it hasn’t put him off swimming.

The water walkers were great fun, the kids had so much fun in them. The girls have tried them before but Boo didn’t like them because they were too hot inside. This time, however, they all enjoyed them very much.

watter walkers

There were things we didn’t manage to do while there, I think mostly because we spent so much time on the beach. If the weather had not been so nice then we probably would have spent more time visiting other places. We have already decided that next year we are going to extend our holiday so we can fit more things in.

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