Last week I had a new pain.
It had been coming and going for a week or so, then it decided to stay so I went to visit my GP.
The pain was in my side and after testing the GP decided that I had a urine infection. He prescribed me some anti-biotics and told me to go back if it got worse.
I started the pills on Friday, the prescribed dose was two a day. The second one I took on Saturday morning and soon after I got a headache.

Then I became feverish, nauseous and the headache progressed to a migraine. It’s okay, I thought, I’ve dealt with migraines before, I’ll survive.

Saturday afternoon I went to bed. I NEVER do this, even with migraines. Usually I top up with painkillers and soldier through. I might sit on the sofa with my cool pad on my head if I’m not coping, but going to bed is not something I ever do. Saturday, I felt I had no choice.

Thankfully hubby, Graham, was here to look after the kids and cook the dinner. And do everything else as I was totally useless. The kids came up for a cuddle in bed before going to their own beds. Then I risked putting on the television upstairs so I could watch Casualty because I really didn’t want to miss it. Then I went to sleep. Sadly, my illness kept waking me during the night but I soldiered on and made it to the morning.

On Sunday I risked half an hour on the lap top, even though my head still hurt, and I looked up the pills I’d been taking. I’d thrown away the packaging before reading the leaflet, I don’t often read them because my consultant goes through all the  side effects of my medication. These pills I’d had off my GP and he’d not mentioned side effects. Sometimes though, when you do read those leaflets and look at the side effects you imagine you have them anyway!

Back to my pill’s, Nitrofurantoin, side effects. I’d had all but one of the serious side effects that you should consult your Dr straight away if experienced!!

If I’d read the leaflet I’d have probably been in hospital on Saturday night.

I’m relieved that I made it through ok, but I’m a little upset that I can’t remember what happened in Casualty. Thankfully, that’s what iPlayer is for (priorities!)

I still felt pretty rough for most of Sunday, but I could tell I was getting better not worse. I’ve filled in a yellow card online for side effects, I’ve never done that before but I felt it necessary.

And guess what? My infection seems to be still present! Another visit to my GP is in order.

Do you read the side effects on your medication?

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The calm before the storm!

These are the party bags and balloons all set up for my daughter’s 10th Birthday party which was on Thursday.
Normally, I love kids parties but this one really wore me out and I was glad to have my husband to help. Since then I’ve not been well, on Friday I just felt worn down but yesterday I was really poorly and spent most of the day in bed.

Weird as it may sound I’m actually happy about this because it means it wasn’t the party. I was obviously coming down with the illness anyway. So, I won’t be so worried about hosting another kids party.

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