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  1. Joleisa

    Things are rising eh? Good choice of word for what’s been happening. Nice that the young ones are doing better and that you have some days out to look forward to. Don’t really know what to do about the bills except to try to conserve more. I heard something about adjusting something on your boiler if it’s a combi boiler, but maybe I wasn’t listening closely enough. Plant some potatoes and a herb garden, I say, lol. Have a great weekend.

  2. Kim Carberry

    That’s great news about the kids. It sounds like they are all doing well.
    We got our gas & electricity bill at the start of the week, we pay it quarterly and it was about £100 more than usually. I had budgeted for it this time but much higher and we’re going to be struggling.
    Ahh! Try and think of the positives next month. You are getting out, hopefully the weather might be nicer and I hope your appointment with the consultant brings you good news x

  3. Astrid

    I’m so proud of all of your children! Little Man being well on his way to 100% attendance this term is great, but Boo also does a great job. I’m also so glad Star is feeling happier. I completely feel you about the gas and electricity bills. We thankfully contracted on a set price just before they were no longer offering set prices at all. I understand those who don’t have this option, are really unfortunate. We are lucky that we can still afford rising prices without having to choose between food and electricity. I completley understand all this causes your anxiety to rise.

  4. Karen

    Well done to all your kids it’s nice to see them doing so well. Electric and gas prices are ridiculous. I’m hoping for nice weather so I can dry the washing outside and not need the heating on as much!

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’ve noticed the sun rising earlier too and it’s nice that the days are getting longer again. Well done to Little Man and Boo on their attendance and so glad that Star has been happier lately too. The gas and electricity bills rising are definitely not so good – we’ve turned our heating off and are hoping we can avoid having to turn it on again before autumn! Good luck with trying to find cheaper options. Sorry to hear that your anxiety has been rising lately with all the things you have to do next month. Hope it all ends up being more manageable than anticipated. #WotW

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