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  1. Joleisa

    So so sorry to hear there is more trouble in your household. This is a good reminder for me to look after the one heart I’ve got. Sending virtual hugs. I really go hope Graham continues to make a full recovery.

  2. Jean | Delightful Repast

    Anne, I can appreciate your word of the week. I’ve been dealing with multiple family health issues, including heart, for several months (hence, my blogging break “hiatus”). But I’ve chosen two words of the week: autumn and comfort. I think they go together well. “You only have one heart, and it’s fragile. Please look after it.” Great advice!

  3. June de Silva

    I’d really like to participate in your word of the week, but just wanted to check the ‘rules’ about the type of post you would like to see linked. I was thinking my word of the week could be ‘France’ would I need to link with a post about my life when in France or would just the word and an image suffice? Thanks June P.S. Hope Graham is ok now

    • Anne Sweet

      I am not totally strict on using a word but I like the posts to feature what you’ve been up to during the week, whether it’s general life, a new recipe, a day out etc. And thanks, Graham seems to be doing ok for now.

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