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  1. joleisa

    Oh, we were thinking alike this week! When I told Leisa that I was going to use the word COLD to sum up our week, when said I should have used BRRRR! But I stuck to my word as I felt the same about BRRR even being a word. Anyway, it’s the same here. Thankfully we haven’t had to call out anyone but the cold was on this week. We only went out when we had to. Have a good weekend. Oh, we like soups and blankets with crochet in this type of weather. And yet, none of that featured this week for us. There’s still later today though.

  2. Kim Carberry

    It has been so cold. I tend not to have the heating on when I am home alone so keep cosy with a blanket, thick socks and a hot water bottle. I was laid in bed the other night, scrolling through my phone and my hands were freezing and then remembered about the hand warmers that I bought from your Etsy store, I’ve been wearing them when I am on my phone in bed since. lol
    It’s supposed to get colder next week which I am dreading. I hate being cold. I hope your boiler is behaving it’s self now. Eek! x

  3. Valeria Redmill

    BRRR is right 🙁

    We woke up to frost on the pickup, this morning … in the “sunniest state in America”; and we thought, when we headed off on our Road Gypsy adventure that we’d be leaving cold weather behind in Oregon. (((SUPRISE))); ugh

    We stay warm by layering clothes, wearing crochet slippers, turning the heat up until the sun thaws things out, coffee & teas (lots of it ;-)), chili meals, running the dog outside … basically staying busy to keep the blood flowing and the body warm 🙂

    How’re you doing?

  4. Karen

    It certainly has been BRRR! this week! issues with the boiler are never fun at this time of year, glad you got it sorted. I’ve been bundled up in my Oodie this week.

  5. Jayne

    I agree it is a bit brrrrr! We have the open fires and the stove lit in the day, I’ve got one of those faux fur electric dreamland blankets and I bloody love it! It’s so toasty. We’ve all got hooded blankets as well. xx

  6. Ruth

    I don’t like the cold either so I can completely understand. It doesn’t get as cold in Sydney during winter as it does in England but I still complain a lot!! Over here we’ve had high temps and the worst humidity all of last week. I still prefer being hot over being cold but the rest of my family don’t agree. They spend all summer wearing neck fans LOL!

  7. chickenruby

    It is Brrrrr this week for sure, not helped by going from hot classroom, outside and back in again all day at work. We only have the heating on in the rooms we use, plenty of clothes and blankets. Thank you for joining in with #pocolo

  8. Lisa notes

    Brrr is appropriate for me too this week. Even though I’m in Alabama, we have had very low temps (for us) in the single digits and teens. Unfortunately it didn’t come with much pretty snow though; just lots of slippery ice. I’ve been tentative about even walking around in my yard since it’s a solid sheet of ice. We may thaw out some today though, so maybe we’ll be able to get out of our driveway at some point! lol.

  9. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It certainly has been very cold this last week or so – definitely need lots of layer to keep warm at the moment. Not a good time to be having boiler issues – glad your son got it working again and hope that it has stayed working. Hope you’re managing to stay warm. #WotW

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