Hello, thanks for stopping by;

I’m a busy mum of five children:
The Little Man is 7 years old and loves Minecraft, Roblox and Lego. He’s a great little reader and loves his books.

Boo is my 10 year old little chef. When she grows up she wants to have her own restaurant with a hotel above and a car park underneath.

Star is my 12 year old sweet girl with autism. She spends a lot of time living her life with her favourite game characters when she’s not playing games on her DS or computer. She also has Elhers Danlos Syndrome and has recovered from serious neck and spine surgery.

Dad is a musician, he likes playing guitar and recording music and holding open mike nights.

I’m a disabled mum that loves to write. I’ve been here on Raisie Bay for 7 years now and have been nominated for a few blogging awards. I started off mostly blogging about my family but now it’s mostly a lifestyle blog, featuring a lot of my inner thoughts on health and mental health while I deal with my disability which appeared suddenly at the beginning of 2016. I am now mostly wheelchair bound but I’m trying not to let it get in my way.

My blog is about our family life. The things we love, the things we do, the things that make us, well, us!

I am happy to be contacted by PR agencies and brands to review products so long as they are relevant to this blog.

email: raisiebay@gmail.com

See my media kit here on Webfluential.

My Influence as shown on Buzzoole

All reviews and sponsored posts will be disclosed my disclosure policy can be found here.

I will also write posts for other blogs, here are some of the subjects I am able to write about;
Being an older mum (I have had 3 children while in my 40’s)
Raising children on the Autistic Spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome.
Raising awareness of Hypermobility Syndrome/ Elhers Danlos Syndrome
Rare conditions
Using a wheelchair, life being disabled
Contact me if there is something you would like me to write about.


email: rasiebay@gmail.com

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