After a busy week last week I don’t seem to have much planned this week. I guess I’ll have to focus on my crafting.

I’ve not made any new cards yet but I’ve been working on a drawing that I’d like to include on one I need for next month. I really want to practice with my die cut fairies though, I’d love to create a fantasy scene.

I have started on a new blanket, it consists of many diamonds that will all have to be sewn together. I’m not keen on the sewing bit so wish me luck. My CAL blanket also consists of many pieces that will have to be joined together, but that won’t be until next year! I also have to make another soft toy.


I want to make a start on the family bathroom this week, I’ll be able to do some myself but I’ll need the help of Graham to get most of it done, and he’s not keen on decorating. There isn’t really that much painting to do but the door and skirting board need doing and I get headaches when using gloss paint. I also want to paint the hand rail on the stairs, but as I need it to get up and down it’s difficult to find the time to do it. I guess I could paint it myself but I’d have to start at the top and work my way down. If I’m honest I don’t know how safe I would be.

It’s so frustrating not to be able to do these jobs, they are not the jobs I would have shied away from before I was sick. I remember painting the living room ceiling when I was heavily pregnant with Star, and I loved paper hanging. Do you like decorating or do you leave it all to someone else?

A Right Royal Weekend with Bounce

We stayed in on Saturday because I really wanted to watch the Royal Wedding. I made sure I’d done everything before hand so I wouldn’t be disturbed, and I even put a frock on. We didn’t have any banners or flags though. I watched it on television with Star and my eldest son, no-one else was interested.

On Sunday I asked the kids if they’d like to go out somewhere or if they’d like Daddy to put up the trampoline (which we’ve had since last December!) They opted for the trampoline and the girls have loved it. We have to limit Star’s time bouncing because of her condition, but she’s really good at limiting herself.

Sadly though, the Little Man started experiencing back pain shortly after his first bouncing session. He said he didn’t fall and the pain just started. It’s been 48 hours now and he still feels it when he goes on the trampoline, but otherwise he is okay. It’s very strange, and very sad. I hope it passes. What worries me is that he is now at the age that Star was when she had problems with her neck. I hope he doesn’t have spinal problems too, but maybe I’m just overthinking it. I’m going to book him an appointment with the GP for after school tomorrow just in case he’s done any damage.

What have you been up to this week?


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Last week I talked about Self-Love and how I believe it is so important to give yourself a break and show yourself some compassion. This week I want to spread the love a bit further.

It was hard to hide away from the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan, everyone was talking about it. In particular, the Bishop Curry, who made a big impression with his fourteen minute sermon, which was supposed to have been only six minutes. He talked a lot about love and how he believed that love could cure the world. The sermon was passionate and moving and very different to anything anyone had heard at a royal wedding before.

Love Can Cure The World.

There is certainly not enough love in this world. Just think for a moment, if we replaced all hatred with love what a different world it would be. There would be no violence, no war, no segregation, no fighting. There would be a better distribution of wealth and a more democratic society. There would be less illness and more compassion to those who were sick.

There would be more happiness, and every human desires happiness, it is our life goal.

There are some that would disagree, those that say that anger and hatred is a part of human nature that we cannot ignore.

Tenzin Gyatso; The Fourteenth Dalai Lama speaks wonderfully about compassion and the individual. If you have the time it’s well worth a read. In the meantime here is a small snippet.

Some of my friends have told me that, while love and compassion are marvellous and good, they are not really very relevant. Our world, they say, is not a place where such beliefs have much influence or power. They claim that anger and hatred are so much a part of human nature that humanity will always be dominated by them. I do not agree.

We humans have existed in our present form for about a hundred-thousand years. I believe that if during this time the human mind had been primarily controlled by anger and hatred, our overall population would have decreased. But today, despite all our wars, we find that the human population is greater than ever. This clearly indicates to me that love and compassion predominate in the world. And this is why unpleasant events are news, compassionate activities are so much part of daily life that they are taken for granted and, therefore, largely ignored.


This In compassionate World

I could list a million ways in which this world lacks compassion but I’d like to focus a little on Social Media and the Internet. I think we have a platform in which we can show so much compassion and love but instead, so many decide to attack instead.

We get people who are determined to make others feel worse or miserable, or even just pick an argument.

We get people who take every comment as an attack on how they are feeling.

The Internet can be a miserable place, so many people have the wrong kind of attitude.

To break it down into a few categories (I know there are more.) We have, those that complain about personal issues all the time, we have those who paint their lives as perfect and rosy and would never admit they had just had a blazing row with their partner and we have those who are determined to just tell it how it is.

It’s a personal decision how much you disclose about your personal life to those online. If you want to keep stuff back, that’s fine, if you want to tell all, that’s okay too. What’s not okay is if someone takes what you say and uses it to attack you. Doing this makes both parties unhappy.  Even if the person being unkind thinks it makes them happy, it really doesn’t. In the long run it will only bring them misery because no-one wants to be friends with someone like that and we all desire the friendship of others even when we think we don’t.

A little compassion goes a long way. Deep down we all know that showing kindness makes you feel better and the other person will feel better too.

Love is Strong.

These days we have lost the belief that love is strong. We see it as weak, we see compassion as weak. But it’s not, it’s strong.

In a world where people are hell bound on not giving a f**k we think that love will just bring us down.

I’m all for getting rid of the rubbish in your life, cutting out the stuff that makes you miserable. And of course there is only so much you can care about isn’t there?

Compassion is not all about giving in, or allowing other’s to control you. Love is strong, it will make you feel better, it will give you a better life. You don’t have to care about everything, but if you start to practice compassion regularly it won’t matter, you will find yourself caring without stress. Hating is much harder work than loving and much more draining.

What do you think?

Would you be prepared to show a little love to someone today.


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Lucy At Home

In celebration of yesterday’s Royal Wedding I’m sharing a wedding photo of my own.

Our wedding was really nothing in compared to Harry and Meghan’s but it doesn’t matter because each wedding day is a celebration of love and that’s all that matters.

Did you watch the wedding or did you turn off?

I was actually really excited for the event, it was promised to be different and it was. I love that they combined all the pomp of a royal wedding with the touches of a modern couple from different nations.

The dress was simply stunning. Not over the top or what you would really expect, but just beautiful. Meghan looked amazing. And her veil was 5 metres long! The little bridesmaids and page boys were just the cutest.

The music was diverse, appropriate and lovely, I loved that they had another choir to sing ‘Stand By Me,’ what an amazing touch to the ceremony.

Then there was Bishop Curry, who stole the show with his powerful sermon of love. It was truly an unexpected touch to royal wedding, but so passionate and so relevant. we could all heed his words, there is certainly not enough love in this world.

Most perfect of all was the way that Harry and Meghan looked at each other. This was a true marriage of love.

I wish the couple a happy future together.




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Fly Me to the Moon and let me play among the stars,

Let me see what Spring is like on Jupiter or Mars.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we could travel across the solar system? Well grab your towel because this is the ultimate hitch hikers guide to the galaxy!

Author: Jim Bell
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Sterling (7 May 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 145492568X
ISBN-13: 978-1454925682
Product Dimensions: 23.9 x 1.8 x 28.4 cm

The Blurb

This book offers space enthusiasts an unparalleled visual experience of our solar system. Featuring eight removable NASA posters highlighting the wonders of space, gorgeous full-colour photography and stunning art, Bell’s travel guide takes you on a futuristic tour of the solar system and beyond. Informative summaries of every destination are based on knowledge gleaned from more than 50 years of space exploration.

My Verdict

Fly Me to the Moon –

The moon is close to home and is about a quarter the diameter of Earth. It’s surface area is less than the size of Asia. so how about a weekend on the moon? The moon has extreme temperatures so you have to make sure you are wearing the right kind of space suit. It also has low gravity so you’ll weigh only 16 per cent of what you weigh back home. It also has a rough terrain and spends a lot of the day in darkness. Places to visit include the first Apollo landing site, Luna Park and the lava tubes of Aristarchus Plateau.

A Must for Science Fiction fans and anyone who wants to learn more about our universe.

This large hardback book is jam packed with everything you need to know about our universe with a fun twist. It’s a futuristic journey through the cosmos. In some parts you have to suspend belief and imagine you are a hundred years in the future, so there is a lot of fantasy to enjoy. But, there are also many facts to be absorbed, for instance; what causes Jupiter’s auroras and why Titan provides a unique window into understanding the early history of our own world.

As well as all the facts, figures and fun the book has some fabulous artwork and fascinating photos. Including eight pull out posters

I think this book will appeal to all kinds of space fanatics and I know it will be well read by everyone in our house.

You can buy The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide from Amazon for £12.51


Disclosure: I was sent this book  in return for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



This week I’ve spent a lot of time indoors but I’ve been really busy.

Clear Out

I’ve managed to sort out the kid’s wardrobes. It took me about an hour to sort out the girl’s and ten minutes to sort out the Little Man’s. I think I might need to buy him some more clothes.

I was really fed up of all the clothes that no longer fitted them properly so I had a real good clear out, giving a huge bag to charity and saving some of the unworn or barely worn clothes to put on Ebay. Knowing me, these will be in charity bags soon too.

The clear out was quite satisfying but even more satisfying was getting to the bottom of my washing basket. As a family of seven this rarely happens. But I had two days  of regularly filling up the washing machine and making full use of the weather by hanging it out on the line so there was not waiting for the tumble dryer to finish. I bought myself a little washing trolly, it’s like a net bag on a wheeled frame which I can push into the garden and reach my rotary line (which is not far from my door.) It feels so good to be able to hang my washing out by myself.

Blogging and Social Media

Apart from that I’m getting through all those blog posts that I’ve had waiting in draft for far too long and my Pinterest schedule is full up until Sunday evening. I’m afraid that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are feeling a little unloved but I’ll catch up with them too I’m sure.


I’ve also been very crafty and I’ve crocheted two more squares for my CAL blanket as well as finishing Star’s fox soft toy. I did a couple of small projects too, like my tape measure Jammy Dodger.

I’ve made my first papercraft card and have been busy making the bits and pieces for my next projects. I seem to have loads of ideas but not enough time to put them together so I really need to arrange my time better to fit everything in.

Stiff Person Syndrome Awareness

Finally, I’ve been busy setting up a Twitter account for Stiff Person Syndrome Awareness. This is a collaborative venture between myself and some other sufferers over all social media channels. We are aiming to raise more awareness of Stiff Person Syndrome for lots of reasons, including letting people who are newly diagnosed that they are not alone, giving people an idea of what help they can get or should expect, explaining what treatment is available and hopefully raising awareness among the medical profession as well. I’m thinking there will be a lot more involved and I’m excited to be part of it, but we are still in the talking and planning stage at the moment.

So, that’s my week. What have you been up to?


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