Pain, it’s all Relative

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I had my IVIG in hospital last week. It was a good day, I met a new friend and we talked a lot. It was good to find someone that understood, that I had something in common with. It’s sad that that common feature is pain.

The weekend was not so good. First I had the migraine which is a side affect from the IVIG. I’ve not had one for a while so I’m thinking they may have pushed it through at a faster speed. They were incredibly busy and understaffed on the ward, so this is feasible. Then on Sunday I had this pain in my chest which I believed was the start of a chest infection.

By Tuesday I was in the hospital, but there is not much they can do as I don’t tick all the boxes for something treatable. I have a rare condition and no-one knows what it can or can’t cause, or how to treat it. 

The pain has continued throughout the week, with nothing making it feel any better. It’s just something I’m getting used to dealing with, just like I have to with everything else this ridiculous condition throws at me.

The time is approaching for the visit with my consultant so I’m busy scribbling down everything I want to ask. And everything that has happened since my last visit six months ago.

Then I have another appointment with a different professional just to see if they can help me with my heart arrhythmia. Which may be why I’m getting chest pain.

I’ve not really done much this week. Even the Little Man has had a couple of days off Home School as I’ve not been up to teaching him. It’s okay to let him read or do math puzzles instead, but I feel like I’m letting him down. 

But it’s not just me, Graham has been unwell too. He’s had a pain in his neck and an awful migraine. And this morning Star was complaining with neck pain. I’m hoping she just slept in an awkward position and that it has eased by the time she comes home from school. Because of her cervical spine surgery we have to be vigilant when she complains of neck pain. 

I’m beginning to wonder who will be next?

I’m hoping that next week will be relatively pain free! 

How’s your week been?

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Control My Pain Project

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The control my pain project is an online course which helps those with chronic pain restore their health, comfort and happiness.

The six week holistic pain management program leads you week by week into understanding your pain and how it affects you both mentally, physically and socially. It provides you with resources that you can use to thelp you reduce your pain and improve your attitude towards it.

The Program

The program is split into six weeks, but takes around an hour and a half maximum to work through the videos and quizzes. You are then required to put what you have learned into practice for the rest of the week. The aim is that by the end of the program you will have practised each weekly tasks so that they become natural to you.

There is nothing too difficult to digest or to do, the program is pretty easy. It explains everything really clearly and the tasks and quizzes are not difficult to complete.

The program begins by explaining the way our body, mind and what we can physically do are all connected. You are introduced to the biopsychosocial approach to pain management. For this you will learn about how your thoughts and feelings affect both your pain and your social life.

You will learn how things like mindfullness and communication skills can improve your mental and physical health. You will also learn how to practice these alongside relaxation and thought processing techniques.

Each week has video presentations by Pam and Jackie. Jackie is your guide and Pam is a professional  in pain management and rehabilitation and has over thirty years experience.

My Thoughts

The program is a detailed weekly plan which teaches you why an holistic approach can work, what techniques work and how to put them into use.

Personally, I already use a lot of the techniques described but I did identify some problematic areas that I still have and I am putting what I have learned into practice.

Of the techniques that are offered that I already use I can sincerely recommend them. A lot of people with my condition spend a lot of time in the Accident and Emergency Department. I am convinced that the reason my visits have been more limited is because I know of these techniques. During an attack I am able to control my body’s responses with my mind and relaxation techniques. I truly believe that everything is connected and a calm and relaxed approach can improve your physical condition.

I am sure that if you do not know these techniques you will be able to relate to the opposite effect. Just think to a time when your emotional distress has left you feeling physically drained or in pain. Excessive crying can leave you exhausted and may even give you a headache. 

Support and Information

Signing up to the program gives you access to a closed Facebook group and support by e-mail. There is also lots of extra information which supports the program available on the website in the form of a blog and a load of downloadable resources.

If you want to know more you can sign up to a free masterclass in the form of three videos sent by e-mail, this gives you a real feel for the program. 

Joining the program gives you the full course and all  the resources along with a support group. Full access costs $59, around £45 at the time of posting this.

If you do sign up for the free class or the course, be sure to let me know how you get on and what you think.

Disclosure: I was able to try the course for free in return for my honest review.

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Kids Pass, The Family Savings Card

Kids pass have a fabulous offer right now where you can enjoy a whole year of savings for only £34.99. Click the banner above if you would like to know more.

What is Kids Pass?

Kids Pass is a family savings card giving you savings on a whole range of things from food to funfairs. You can search locally for offers or download the app. and search while out or on holiday. There are so many savings to be made.

We used our card when we were on holiday to visit The World of Country Life. We had a fabulous day out and it was great knowing that we’d saved £22.40 on our entry fee.

Cinema Tickets

If you like to going to the cinema you can save up to 40% off your tickets. This includes Odeon, Cineworld, Empire, Vue and other cinemas. Just check which is nearest to you and print off your offer. Or even easier, take your phone along with you with the app. installed and your ticket is available at all times. 

Restaurants and Take Outs

Don’t want to cook, or away from home? Then you can save money on restaurants and take outs. Offers include 20% off meals at Sizzling Pubs, BOGOF at Papa Johns and Pizza Hut, Kids eat for a £1 at Prezzo, 25% of Frankie and Bennys and Bella Italia and so many more. You may even find offers at your local curry house, or chip shop. And if you are on the road, there is 20% off at Road Chef.

If you get into the habit of checking your app. before buying any food out then you will be sure to save loads.

Holidays and Days Out

Kids Pass can save you loads on holidays and days out. You can claim cash off your Butlins, Haven, Parkdean or Away Resorts or Forest Holidays booking. Or if you wish to stay at Alton Towers, Legoland, Chessington or Thorpe Park too. There are also savings at EnergyKids and Clubzone.

The Days Out section is huge and includes all sorts of Adventure Parks, Farms, zoos, aquariums, Go Ape, Bowling, ice skating, swimming, soft play, you name it, you’ll probably find it on Kids Pass.

How Does it Work?

For your fee you can search the site for hundreds of savings. The site is easy to navigate with everything neatly divided into categories. You can choose to look at offer that are near your location, or search for offers on a map. It also keeps a record of all your savings so you know just how much you’ve saved. When you’ve found your offer you can just read the terms and conditions and print off your tickets.

The app. is much easier as you can use it on the go, and there is no need for printing your ticket as you can use your phone to display the relevant details to claim your discount.

To get good value out of your Kids Pass, you do need to check it regularly. That’s why it’s best to get the app. on your phone. Then every time you have a day out or want to order a meal. Obviously, the more you use it the more you will save.

If you are not ready for a full years membership then you can try Kids Pass for 30 days for only £1

Be warned, these offers will be ending soon though! 

I am an ambassador for Kids Pass so anyone joining through my links will earn me a commission. I have, however, brought you a honest description of the program and I have not been paid to write this post.

Halloween Days out coming soon!

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My Sunday Photo 16th September 2018

This week I bring you the Bell Tower of the wonderful Bournville Carillon. In fact I am bringing you a post that I fist published in 2015 with a little revision.


a large brick tower with a huge bell tower on the top, set against a pale blue sky

The tower is actually the entrance to a primary school. How cool to enter your school through such an amazing building.

The Carrillon was gifted to Bournville, Birmingham by George Cadbury after visiting Belgium. He was really impressed with the Carillon in Bruges which dates back to 1675.

The copper cupola above the tower houses 48 bells, but this is no ordinary bell tower because the bells are not rung by ropes but by a carillon. The bells are fixed and don’t move, the sound is made by the clippers or tongues of the bells and these are worked by a kebyoard called a clavier.

British Empire Medal

The reason I have decided to revisit and revise this post is because the Carilloneur (isn’t that a fab. word!) Trevor Workman has been awarded the British Empire Medal for services to the British Carillon Society and the community in Bournville. Trevor has played the Carillon for over 50 years now.

Here is a short video of the Carillon being played. It’s an amazing instrument that takes a lot of strength to play, so my hat is off to Trevor! It sounds different from the outside though, the tone is much nicer and you don’t get to hear the clonking of the clavier keys. 


I am very lucky to live near the Bournville Carillon and on a sunny Saturday afternoon there is nothing nicer than sitting on the village green opposite and listen to it being played.

Also, it’s an incredible place in the run up to Christmas, just across the road from the Carillon, next to the village green, there is always the most beautiful Christmas tree. And the Carillon will play Christmas carols on a Saturday afternoon. There is also a fabulous carol service by candle light.

a beautiful large tree covered with pretty lights for Christmas.

I know it’s a little too soon to be mentioning Christmas. But if you do visit Cadbury World in Birmingham, any time of year, do take a look at the Carillon, it is literally opposite the entrance gates. And if you visit on a Saturday do listen out for it’s beautiful music in the afternoon. 

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Education, Home and School.

Last week I was talking about holiday planning and how my family wanted to go to Butlins rather than a Haven holiday camp next year. After educating ourselves, we have decided that due to the lack of destinations of Butlins camps (I’m sure there used to be more) and the increased cost, we are going to stick with Haven. Huge sigh of relief from me! Now we just have to decide where to go, we are thinking maybe Cornwall this time.

This week the focus has been mainly education. It was the girl’s first full week back after the holiday and they have been getting on great. Star has had a few nerves, but she was relieved once she was back in the SEN group. Her main disappointment was being moved down a set in science, one of her favourite subjects that she tries really hard in. I have told her not to worry, just work hard and she’ll get moved back up.

Poor Boo is in so many of the lower sets. She does struggle with learning, but she is determined and works really hard. I have told her that with her attitude to learning she will soon pick it up and move on up in the groups. I will even help her to improve her education at home if she wishes. However, despite her excellent attitude at school, her home learning leaves much to be desired.

Home School

The Little Man has surprised me this week as he has done so much learning with so little complaint. Usually, it’s a struggle to get him off the laptop. Once he’s off it’s an even bigger struggle to keep him interested in learning. Last term I used ‘props’ such as an electrical circuit making kit and a set of magnets and accessories. This meant he could learn while he was ‘playing.’ But getting him to knuckle down with his maths or English was a nightmare. He fidgets constantly, and claims that everything is ‘soooo booooring.’

This week, however, it’s been a pleasure teaching him. We have tackled times tables, telling the time, spelling, comprehension, reading and nutrition. He’s even been cooking, helping me to make nutritious meals and drinks. At the moment, I’m still working out his ability in most subjects. But once I know what he is capable of I will then stretch him. I just hope his attitude to learning continues.

We have applied for places at two other school’s now, a little further afield. I am worried that the further we go the harder it will be for me to pick him up if his Dad can’t make it. I’ve only had to do it a handful of times in the past and my eldest son has had to walk with me because I lack the confidence to go out alone. (I lack confidence in the ability of my wheelchair but that’s a whole other story.) If his school is even further away then I don’t know how I will manage. 

My word of the week this week is education, the girls at school and the Little Man at home. 

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I’ve also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit me…is this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

This is my blog, my place and I’ll let you know about the things I love. If you want to find out what other people have hated about the product then you will need to look elsewhere.

My reviews may all be positive, but they are still genuine.