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  1. Sarah Ebner

    I think you're absolutely right that kids do love being outdoors, but that sometimes we have to force them to go there. It's far more difficult than we were young (and it wasn't that long ago for me either – though it was last century!)

  2. Sonia

    Love the look of these. Definitely agree that things are a lot different nowadays. I do everything I can do encourage outdoor play x

  3. Coombe Mill

    Wow what wonderful inflatables and who wouldn't enjoy a day there, everyone can appreciate outdoor times with toys like these.. Love your pun, it had to be told! Looks like the kids really appreciated their outdoor fun day. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  4. pinkoddy

    Times a changing so quickly aren't they. I don't think kids don't want to go out it's just parents don't let them alone and don't have the time to go with them all the time. Things for the garden are just perfect. Looks a great day out.

  5. lisa prince

    ive seen so many of their inflatables and alays say next summer , but never do , i think its all about space now for us as we dont have any with the new park hubby built

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