Bake With Bake Off Week Four

This weeks Great British Bake Off  was Dessert Week.

The Signature Dish was creme brulee, gorgeous pots of baked custard with a caramel topping..but no blow torches allowed.

We saw quite a few problems amongst the bakers in the tent with only Ian and Tamal having perfect custard. The others either had scrambled eggs or runny custards.

Onto the technical challenge and Mary set them the task of making a  Spanische Windtorte, which despite it’s name is a combination of Swiss and French meringues with a  fruit and cream filling and decorated with tiny fondant violets.

Most of the bakers knew their meringues and there were not to many problems. There were a few, however, that had no idea what a violet looked like.

It was Paul and Ugne who came out on top with first and second place.

The Showstopper was three tiers of cheesecake.

Ian wowed the judges with his flavours, using tarragon and apple, pecan and rosemary.
Tamal also did really well with his mango, hazelnut and rosemary.

Sandy, however, had a really difficult week and her cheesecakes refused to stand on top of each other. She was told they were raw on the bottom and not cooked through and the fruit was too clumpy. Sadly, it was Sandy’s last stand and she was sent home.

The Star Baker for the third week running was Ian for experimenting in a professor type way!

I am a huge fan of cheesecake, it is one of my favourite desserts. I’ve made them in so many different flavours..but…I’ve never made a baked cheesecake! So that is what I chose for my Bake With Bake Off Challenge this week set by Silver Mushroom.

Ginger and Blueberry Baked Cheesecake


200g ginger nut biscuits
100g unsalted butter
1tbs cornflour
50g caster sugar
500g full fat cream cheese
1 large egg
100ml double cream
1tsp vanilla extract
grated zest of 1 lemon
100g blueberries
3tsp caster sugar


preheat oven to 160C
grease and line a 20cm loose bottomed tin
melt butter
crush biscuits with a rolling pin, or in a food processor
add biscuits to butter and mix thoroughly
spread in bottom of tin and press down with a spoon
bake for 10 minutes.
turn oven up to 180C
while base is cooling, put cornflour and caster sugar into mixer
add cream cheese and mix until smooth and creamy
add egg and mix
slowly add cream while mixing slowly
add vanilla extract and lemon zest and continue mixing until thick and creamy
pour mixture on top of base
bake for 35 minutes.
leave to cool in tin then remove carefully
leave in fridge for at least an hour
put blueberries in pan with sugar and a little water
simmer for 10 minutes
leave to cool
use to dress cheesecake when serving.
Now I’ve baked my first cheesecake I’ll definitely be making more. The taste and texture was different to my normal, unbaked, cheesecake but it was really tasty. I’d love to experiment with more flavours.

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