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  1. Bono Hair

    That’s a wonderful article written about the men’s hair loss. I do agree with the scenario presented in the article and also the implementation of hair system can be possible remedy.

  2. Faraz

    Men usually are not caring about the remedies. They want one permanent solution but i think we as human being should care ourselves. There is gender descrimination

  3. Katelyn @ Cnsmedspa

    I was losing my hair when I was 18 already. You could already visibly look through my relatively long hair by the time I was 19. By accident at an event, an acquaintance told me about his success story with it (which is now 10 years ago), so I went to my dermatologist and demanded Finasteride as well. After almost 10 years of taking this, I still have a full head of hair (what I had lost regrew I suppose as my hair follicles didn’t die completely yet). I personally have no side effects so for m

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