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  1. Northumberland Mam

    Happy Birthday to Star! It sounds like a great birthday.
    Aww! She does look so grown up and so much like you!
    I'm glad the hospital went well….I'm sorry she has been in pain but it sounds like it's a good thing as it means it's working!
    Good luck to Star at school x

  2. Reading Residence

    Happy birthday, Star! Hope she loves her Pizza Hut and Build A Bear trip, too – my kids would love that! Glad to hear that she's excited about her new school and her appointment went well, and that your car will arrive with a few days left to adventure x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. mummyhereandthere

    Happy birthday Star, she sounds like she knows what she wants and is happy with that. I wish he all the best, I am autistic and know how stressful it is going to a new school etc, etc. My anxiety hit high second week in but I hope it is not too much trouble for her. I like the idea that you can go in to a settle in period as well, such a great idea X #WOTW

  4. raisiebay

    My eldest is also autistic and his transition to secondary school went so wrong that I ended up taking him out before the end of the second year. That was 15 years ago though and I'm hoping things have changed since then.

  5. Louise (LHBL)

    Glad to hear that Star has made some new friends at secondary school and that all went well with her neuro appointment. It sounds like she had a lovely birthday too – I love the sound of the evolving Pokemon cake! Hope that she settles in well to her new secondary school. #WotW

  6. Jane

    Happy Birthday Star, I'm glad she had a good day. Good luck for her first official day of school. I'm sorry to read she is in pain but she has come so far these past few years. Enjoy your new car x #WotW

  7. angiemwebster77

    Hope Star had a lovely birthday, how exciting for her to start secondary school next week I hope she settles well and enjoys it. Fingers crossed that your car is ready soon so you can enjoy some nice days out before the new school year starts. #WotW

  8. mummyshire

    I hope Star had a lovely birthday.
    I think it's great how secondary school gives children opportunities to settle into their new school at their own pace.
    I do hope the new school goes well on the 8th – it's just around the corner! *eek!!*

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