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I’ve had a few days off from Blogtober16, I guess that’s what you get for not having your posts scheduled. I had a migraine which wiped me out for two days, I’m not complaining, that’s only my second major migraine this year and I used to get one every month.
Today I’m back with the prompt ‘Zodiac Sign and Does it Fit?’

When I was younger I was quite into Astrology, I had many books on the subject and although I never really took much notice of the newspaper horoscopes that my Mum would read every day. I did like to make up my own from the position of the stars. The books I worked from were quite complicated and I remember having to use a scientific calculator. I doubt I’d have  clue what to do now.

So, I’m a Sagittarius, and to be honest I don’t think it fits me very well at all. For starters Sagittarians are supposed to be lovers of travel. I’ve never even been abroad, and now most weeks I rarely leave my house.

Sagittarians are also believed to be wild and fun loving. I’ve been told many times that I’m boring, mostly by my ex, which is probably why he is my ex. My kids don’t think I’m boring, I do think I get on better with kids than adults sometimes.

A Sagittarian is supposed to be vibrant, inquisitive and outgoing. I’m plain, often uninterested (especially in gossip) and shy.

I’m not doing very well am I. Maybe I was born at a different time and the date is wrong on my birth certificate as well as my name!!

Some traits that I do have is that I am very optimistic and mostly happy, I’m also very honest and quite philosophical.

I also have a lot more patience that your regular Sagittarian. I don’t speak my mind if it means hurting the other person and also I’m very reserved, once my guard is down I can be fun.

One thing which may seem is strange is that I’ve only had two long term relationships and both of them were with Aquarian partners. I have also had two short term relationships and one of those was an Aquarian. So I guess you could say if signs attracted then I’m attracted mostly to Aquarians.

I don’t really follow astrology these days, but I do remember the signs and can tell you what sign you are if you tell me the date of your birth almost instantly.

Sagittarius the Archer


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