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  1. shazjera

    I like following the tree project linky via Squirrelbasket. I love to see nature and the changing seasons.

    I didn't wake until almost 9am today – it was wonderful to have light instead of the pitch black (although Mon-Fri I do enjoy the birds waking up – love to start the day with birdsong!). I would love to hibernate…

    Is it a rural school Anne?

  2. betty

    It is a lovely autumn shot. The schools here try to encourage walking to and from school because they don't know any rules of the road when walking otherwise.

  3. raisiebay

    We have lots of trees and birds at the bottom of our garden, so I also enjoy a tuneful morning. The school is in the middle of a housing estate but there is a park opposite. We also live right on the edge of the city so not far from a fair stretch of countryside…well, until you reach the motorway.

  4. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, I can't believe it so dark when your children come out of school! It looks like evening (I suppose it is almost). Hang in there the sun will be back one day!


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