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  1. Reading Residence

    That is a fair bit of chaos for one week! Glad the doors are now sorted, though it sounds very frustrating. I like seeing the kids all dressed up on World Book Day, but I admit, I'm glad our school doesn't have them back at 5pm as that sounds a bit of a hassle! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. angiemwebster77

    Your week certainly does sound like it was chaotic, I hope the week ahead is a little calmer for you. I wonder where on earth the hat went ! #WotW

  3. Cheryl

    Our children are split between two schools too. Last Easter, the two schools' holidays overlapped by only a week. Tricky. I love World Book day. Only one costume this year though. I'm glad theat Star was able to get round the missing hat. I hope you find it eventually and the new week is less chaotic. #wotw

  4. Northumberland Mam

    It sounds like things have been busy and chaotic for you….
    My girls are both at different schools and my eldest always seems to have the odd day off here and there when my youngest is at school. They seem to be fine about it though. Phew!
    I hope next week is a bit calmer for you x

  5. liquoriceuk

    What a busy, chaotic week for you all. So glad to hear that your patio doors got fixed and that Star was happy with her costume even if the hat had gone missing. Hope that this week has been a much quieter one so far. #WotW

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