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  1. raisiebay

    Honestly, I wished we hadn't taken the kids. They were no trouble but did get tired before the end of the day, which meant we didn't have time to visit the sister show, Gardener's World.

  2. coombemill

    Sounds a wonderful experience and some great sounding recipes. Sounds like next time with out the kids to see more?

  3. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, quick and easy cooking sounds perfect to me. Is Boo the budding cake maker in your family? Hopefully, her meal making turns out to be as good as her cake making and you end up redundant in the kitchen! Oh, what I would give to have a child interested in cooking!


  4. Ness

    We were talking about going next year as it also incorporates Gardeners' World Live but I don't know it we could do it all in one day.

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