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  1. Kara

    I have a love hate relationship with grab machines. I have managed to win a couple of times but normal leave frustrated. Glad you had a good break

  2. Ness

    We went to Scarborough this week and found ourselves in the amusement arcade. My grandfather used to called them, 'the man's money box'!

  3. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, those grab machines are so frustrating as they do attract the children! I am glad to hear that tuppence drop machines are still around, it was our treat when we went to Dawlish as children. Judging by your photo games arcades haven't changed much in the last thirty years!

    So glad you managed to enjoy yourself too, bet the chair made a huge difference for you.


  4. liquoriceuk

    Glad you had a lovely time away. My girls love grab machines although I rarely agree to try to win them something. I used to be quite good at them though. I'm impressed that Star can make a pound's worth of 2ps last for ages 🙂

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