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  1. sarahmo3w

    Poor Star! What a shame. I hope she can get her confidence back and perform again in future. It sounds like she has a lovely voice.

  2. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, how devastated Star must have felt, but I hope she realises how brave she was to even consider getting up in front of an audience. I am sure the whole experience will make her know what she wants and if others can do it then so can she! If it turns out that she never wants to try again, then it just wasn't meant to be and there ain't no shame in that … Coming from a person who won't even stand in front of a camera!

    A huge pat on the back for trying!


  3. Jenny@thebrickcastle

    Poor Star! It is a big thing to sing in front of anyone. Her teacher sounds awesome – but sadly it was'nt to be this time. I'm really glad you have the CD though – maybe she'll sing it just for you guys at home x

  4. liquoriceuk

    Oh poor Star. Stage fright is horrible. I hope that she can regain her confidence. Glad that you got a CD with her singing on it though.

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