My Top Ten Wishlist of Amazing Trips Around the World.

Everyone has a bucket list of places they’d like to visit, things they’d like to see, experiences they’d like to have. I’m no different. Sometimes I think I may have left it too late, my original plan was to have a dream trip with the money from a savings plan that matures when I am 55, but now I am disabled I’m not sure that will happen. I still hold on to my dream though and I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my trip ideas.

1. Northern Lights

Yes, this is top of my list because I’m not a sun lover, I adore the snow! I would love to  see the Northern Lights. My dream would a be cruise along a Norwegian Fjord, wrapping up warm and enjoying a relaxing drink while waiting to see the spectacular light display. This tour departing from Tromso looks amazing. 
The front end of a boat sailing along a fjord with the Northern Lights glowing in the foreground.

2. Lapland

Okay, I’m still in the cold and snow but I promise to warm you up later. 
Despite Christmas bringing me many sad times I’m still a lover of the magic of Santa and his reindeer and how wonderful would it be to visit Lapland! I would be thrilled to take a trip on a reindeer pulled sleigh and visit the old man himself in his hometown. I would send everyone a postcard from Santa Claus Post Office. I’m excited just thinking about it. Oh, and I guess the kids would like it too.
Santa Claus feeding a reindeer in Lapland

3. Vienna

When I think of Vienna I always think of Romance (And Mozart, but not at the same time.) What could be more romantic than a trip around the city in a horse drawn carriage, taking in sights like the Ringstrasse, Vienna State Opera and St Stephen’s Cathedral? Then enjoying a 3 course meal by candlelight, perfect for popping the question, but I’m already married…maybe an anniversary treat?
a horse drawn carriage riding through Vienna

4. New York

If there was a city I’d really love to visit then it would have to be New York! I’d have to take plenty of money and leave plenty of suitcase space for all my shopping. I’d revel in the sights but most of all I’d love to go to the top of the Empire State Building (preferably not in the arms of King Kong!) I’d like to see the place where Sam and Annie (Sleepless in Seattle) finally meet. But most of all I’d like to feel like I was on top of the world and soaking up all the views of such a large and amazing city below me. 

5. Lake Como

I have always wanted to visit Lake Como since watching the film, A Month By the Lake. The scenery totally sucked me in and I so wanted to be there. So my next trip will start to warm you up a bit as I go for a cruise and dinner on Lake Como in Italy. 
A view from the lake of the city of Verenna in Italy with a back drop of the Italian Alps

6. Corfu

As a big fan of My Family and Other Animals from when I read it as a child, I have always wanted to visit Corfu. I’d love to see the crystal waters of the Paleokastritsa area and tour Corfu Town.  A mixture of gorgeous beaches and old towns with narrow streets.

7. Death in Paradise

Don’t let the headline fool you, this would be an incredible trip. I love the television series Death in Paradise, the views are stunning and if there was anywhere I’d love to live it would be on the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe. Even more exciting would be a tour of the fictional island of St Marie where Death in Paradise is filmed. The only thing is, I would certainly hope not to be the next murder victim. 
Two character from Death in Paradise walking along a Caribbean beach

8. Hawaii

Staying with the heat (you’re welcome) my next Island visit would be Hawaii. I’m sorry, I’m not one for lounging around on the beach though, so I’d opt for an Island tour and this one around Oahu sounds perfect. You can circle the whole Island and stop offs include the Byodo-In Temple, Diamond head and Halona Blowhole. It sounds entrancing.
Byodo-In Temple

9. Tokyo, Japan

I would love to visit Japan for two reasons, shopping in Tokyo and sight seeing of the more ancient areas. So this is a two in one dream trip. First up shopping in Tokyo, I’ve heard it’s easy to get lost so how about a Shopping Tour? I love anything Japanese, so I’d just choose my shops and away we’d go.
Second up would be a Sightseeing Tour. I would love to visit some of Tokyo’s temples and gardens, such as Asakusa Kannon Temple and Imperial Palace East Garden . Then the trip would end with even more shopping.
japense temple taken at sunset

10. Dunkirk

I am a pacifist and truly hope that we never experience another world war anything like WWI and WWII. I think a tour of Dunkirk would bring home the reality of the wars and although we should always remember those that suffered we should also think about the horror that another World War would cause. Plus, this trip is one that would please my husband as he has a thirst for knowledge about the history of the wars. 
war plane in flight

I hope you have enjoyed my tour. What do you think of my list of trips, is there anything you would like to do? Would you add your own, I’d love to know where you would really love to visit?

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