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  1. Coombe Mill

    Bletchley Park looks like such an unusual place to visit, I bet there’s so much to see and learn about there. It’s great that the kids got to have some hands on fun in the museum as well, with a place so steeped in history it’s great the kids got to experience some of it. I bet you were so pleased that it was so accessible for you, I’m sure that makes family days out together so much more enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing your day out with me on #CountryKids.

  2. Louisa

    What an absolutely fascinating place to visit. My son is very interested in computing too and would love to see the Colossus. He is studying WW2 at school and a visit like this would really help to bring it to life for him and show him what was going on away from the front lines #countrykids

    • Anne Sweet

      one of the reasons we visited was because my daughters school had a trip there, but she couldn’t go because she was poorly at the time. It’s very educational.

  3. Sonia Cave

    This is somewhere I would love to visit and it intrigues me too. I think we’d all find the starting film really interesting and to discover what went on here would be an amazing adventure #countrykids

  4. michelle twin mum

    Bletchly park looks great and definitely somewhere Id be interested to visit. I think the entrance fees are pretty fair and I like the idea that the ticket lasts the whole year. Mich x #Countrykids

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