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  1. Kim

    Ahh! I will be glad when next week is over too….
    We have had a hell of a week with Ellie….I think she is worrying about the SATs even though she says she isn’t. She has been misbehaving, not sleeping properly and has been a right grump.
    Good luck to your girl. I hope next week goes well. xxx

  2. Kate

    SATS and all the pressure on our children really concerns me. Exam results and test results are not the be all and end all that they are made out to be and like you most mums want their children to be happy most of all All the very best at this challenging time #BlogCrush

  3. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    Good luck to your girl. Not that she needs it. It’s all about what she knows now and there is no fail. My youngest is doing them next week too. I think we are lucky that his teacher is an experienced teacher and he’s had an easier time. I think he is more excited about the SATs breakfast. Soon be over.

  4. Catherine @ Story Snug

    The pressure on eleven year olds to do well in SATs takes away any enjoyment a child has for learning and it’s really sad how stressed some children get. I hope you all survive SATs week.


  5. Helena

    I’ve got a few years to go before my girls go through this. I wonder who benefits in all of this and who doesn’t. It certainly seems like our children have got the poor end of the deal. #BlogCrush

  6. Alice | Letters to my Daughter

    I used to enjoy exams at school but my sister hated them. IMO that’s the problem with our schooling system – it’s a one size fits all that ends up not fitting so many children at all. Good luck to your daughter, she’ll be fab I’m sure! #BlogCrush

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