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  1. Carol

    I’ve visited Bok Gardens here in Florida multiple times. I love to sit on a garden bench and listen to the carillion in Bok Tower. This looks like a beautiful one too! Would love to visit it.

    • Anne Sweet

      Bournville is a lovely little village. You can sit on the green and listen to the Carillon on Saturday afternoons. You can also hear it quite clearly in the outside play area at Cadbury World.

  2. Notmyyearoff

    I’ve been to Cadbury’s world once by have never noticed this building. I’ll definitely look for it next time, its so stunning and imagine being in a school attached to that!

  3. Debbie

    Hi Anne, that is an interesting entrance for a primary school, it’s just a shame we don’t appreciate things like that until we are older. Trevor must have fists of steel to play the Carillion like that! It must be lovely listening to carols ringing out in the runup to Christmas.

    #MySundayPhoto x

  4. Briony

    My word it is beautiful! I was a child the last time I visited Cadbury World and wasn’t looking for such things but if we go back I will keep my eye out. #MySundayPhoto

  5. Jesh/Junieper

    Beautiful building and I love carillons. My childhood and teens were in the Netherlands, so have heard a carillon many times since many towers of churches had one and played it regularly – also seen it play. A great experience to share with All Seasons! Welcome and hope you stay for a long time! Have a beautiful week:) Jesh

  6. Angie

    Carillons are amazing, and this is the most beautiful building I have ever seen that houses one. I hope they are working to train a replacement for Trevor ….

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