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  1. Debbie

    Hi Anne, how nice that there is a degree of love going on between Ash & Sabrina, even if there is a little hissing involved. I have to ask if you let the cats outside how do you stop them leaving the garden? I know there is no way we could stop Ugg, but luckily she knows where her bread is buttered. It’s a shame it’s turned too cold for you to enjoy being outside, but at least you can see te changing of the seasons in the trees.



    • Anne Sweet

      Hi Deb, we are pretty fenced in and Ash is still quite small so can’t get out of the garden just yet. It won’t be much longer though. Sabrina can leave the garden but she never goes far, she’s never been much of a roamer. Ash is coming back to be let in regularly, so hopefully when he does get big enough to venture further, he’ll still come back. x

  2. ClearlyBex

    So glad your cats are getting along nicely. My neighbours have 3 cats, each of them have collars with bells to stop them bringing other animals home that they have hunted haha.

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