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I’ve recently discovered a brilliant way of exchanging good quality kids clothing in the website Treasure House. 

Did you know that the clothing industry is the 4th highest polluter in the UK? It takes 2,720 litres of water to make a t-shirt. The production of 1 kilogram of cotton garments uses up to 3 kilograms of chemicals. Clothing consumption produces 1.5 tonnes of Co2 per household per year. The equivalent of driving 6000 cars.

But we all need clothing, including our kids. Treasure House offers a trading system with children’s clothes from 18 months to 12 years.  The help you achieve smart savings without compromising on quality. Recycling and swapping slows the need to manufacture brand new clothes, saving energy and water while limiting wast. You can also save money on your kid’s clothes. Clothes that don’t pass the quality check are donated to Save the Children. 

How it Works.

Do you recycle your kids clothes? My methods in the past have included donating to charity shops and selling on Ebay. Now, my donations will continue to the charity shops, but those nicer clothes that I try to regain a little of my cost back by selling on Ebay have a new home to go to. My kids still need clothes, so exchanging them seems a much better offer.

With Treasure House you request a bag which you then fill with your kid’s unwanted clothes. 

Treasure house only accept good quality and better branded clothing. They have a huge list of brands they accept but there are also brands they don’t accept like Tesco, George, Primark. So these are still good for the charity shops or Ebay.

Book a Collection or request a pre-paid label

Then you can send of your packaged clothes for free.

Receive Online Store Credits

Your clothes are then inspected and awarded store credit. You get more credits for good quality clothing that has been washed and ironed. If your items do not pass the quality check for credits they will be donated to Save the Children. Or you can request for them to be returned to you, but you will have to pay postage for this.

Buy Clothes On Treasure House

When you have your credits you can then use them to buy clothes on the Treasure House Website. If you don’t have credits you can still shop there and find some fabulous pre-loved bargains.

My Experience

The best way to start using Treasure House is to go along and pick a free gift. Yes, they offer a clothing gift up to the cost of £15 for all new customers. I signed up and chose a lovely woollen dress for Boo. It costs just 99 pence for package and postage. 

The dress arrived just three days later and it truly is beautiful, it looks brand new. Also in my package was a bag to use to send off my unwanted clothes. I already have my first stash to send off. I was going to put them on Ebay but the time and effort versus the small amount of cash and Ebay fees really puts me off using it. So now I’m going to send off my clothes to Treasure House and use any credits I receive to buy more clothes for my kids. 

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  1. November 20, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    What a great idea. I could have done with this when my children were small. I tend to donate to charity shops. I gave up selling on Ebay as it was not worth the effort for me. Especially once our village PO closed. I hope many litres of water and chemicals are saved through this idea. #MMBC

    • November 21, 2018 / 11:56 am

      I’ve just packed up my first package of pre-loved clothes to send off. I have my eye on a couple of garments too. I’ve also just been hit with my Ebay charges, so I think it will be goodbye Ebay. x

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

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