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  1. Kim Carberry

    Aww! The egg cosy is a great idea for Easter gifts. How cute.
    It sounds like you are busy. Good luck with the jumper.
    That bunny is adorable. Congrats to your great niece. x

  2. Ojo Henley

    My mum makes loads of amigarumi animals, then sells them, with the money going to a local cancer hospital. I love to crochet, but don’t have your level of talent x

    • Anne Sweet

      That’s lovely Jo, I had hoped to make octopus toys for premature babies but they had to be really perfect and made with certain wool and I found the whole thing overwhelming in the end, especially when my first two attempts didn’t pass. x

    • Anne Sweet

      My niece is a year older than her niece…my brother (like me) had a family with his first wife that grew up first before he got married and started again. And because he’s a lot older than me (seems to run in the family but we have the same parents) his son is only 8 years younger than me. Confusing, yes? Oh and my younger brother was a year younger than our nephew!

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