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  1. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I’m sorry that Mother’s Day brings so many tainted memories for you. It is a strange day and just as commercial as Valentine’s Day now, with all the downers to go with it. I think Little Man is a hero. Also the primary school teachers that help to make sure mothers have a handmade card on the day. They are the bees knees. I’m pretty sure that the way to do it is to be as organizing as the mother you overheard. Filing that for a later date! #MMBC

    • Anne Sweet

      Yes, I do think I’m way to soft sometimes, and I expect everyone to read my mind too. From now one I’ll be much clearer in my instructions…well, maybe

  2. Louisa

    I normally enjoy mothers day but I really struggled this year. Its my first one without my mom and the loss just seemed to big to be able to celebrate. I am glad you were reconciled with your Mom and got to spend time with her, that must be a great comfort x #mmbc

  3. Lisa | Handmade in Israel

    I love your honest post. Glad that your son came up trumps! I have also lost my mum so would hate Mother’s Day. Fortunately it is not celebrated over here. We have Family Day instead and no one particular person gets all the gifts. #MMBC

  4. Carol

    I understand your feelings. I don’t hate Mother’s Day but it is sad for me. My mother died when I was in my 30’s. Our relationship had been trying from adolescence until my 30’s. I reached a place of acceptance of who my mother was at about 30, and she visited me each winter down in Miami escaping the cold of the north. I love my “mamma” so much and miss her but also realize that if she walked in the door now, her “smothering” would drive me crazy.

  5. Kim Carberry

    Sending hugs.
    It is rubbish that it can be such a sad day for some people. For years I hated it because my mother and I had no contact but I have moved past that now.
    I am glad you got to make up with your mum before she passed away.
    Aww! Bless your boy and the card. x

  6. Enda Sheppard

    What connotations the day has for you, Anne. So sad about your mom, and all that had passed — or not passed — between you. I must admit to a smile when you were talking about dropping your kids off with money and instructions. When my dad was alive, he wouldn’t have been great at the sentimental side, even though he was emotionally very tuned in for a man of his generation, but even by his standards he produced a beauty when he pulled the car up outside the local newsagents, handed my sister — then a young teen — a quid and told her, “Go in there and buy yourself a birthday card!” We laugh about it still

  7. Angela Webster

    I’m sorry to hear this Anne, reading it made me really cross as I know how much you do for your family and you really deserve a treat and to be made to feel special. I think you should treat yourself to something lovely in honour of the wonderful mum you are x #MMBC

  8. Jenny Leonard

    Mother’s Day is such a hard one. I used to see all my mates having this amazing time, but as I got older I realised it’s all pretty hard on all of us. It reminds us of what we don’t have far more than what we do. Lost mothers and grandmothers, and children. A lack of any care of effort from people who we believe genuinely love us, and then a ‘day off’, which invariably is actually a day staring at worsening mess followed by the Monday from hell where we clear up all the pots and wipe the tables, hoover and the rest of it, and generally catch up with everything we would have done the day before, but it was our ‘day off’.
    I had a lovely day, I can’t deny it, but 11 years ago when I was pregnant with our collective no.6 (out of 7) and it was our first Mother’s Day all living together in the same house, my partner and the kids did nothing at all. I took to my bed at 10.30am and refused to get out for the rest of the day. It was a bold move unlike me, but it’s served me well since. Next year Anne xx

  9. Susan Mann

    So sorry lovely. I understand that. I am like that about Father’s Day. It has hard and difficult to celebrate when you missed. I don’t get fussed about it and would rather we didn’t celebrate it, but my inlaws insist we do. Hugs xx

  10. Helena

    I’m sorry to read about what has happened in your life. I feel that mothers day and fathers day are very commercial these days. My girls gave me little cards they made at preschool – so sweet although they do look a little like wanted photos attached lol #mmbc

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