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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Having to have multiple attempts at having a cannula in is not fun – we had this a few times with Jessica and ended up with cannulas in some slightly strange places. Not the side of a thumb though – I can imagine that felt weird! Sorry to hear that your tooth is still hurting – hope that this eases very soon. Glad that the decorating is making progress. Happy 30th birthday to your daughter – hope you have a lovely evening celebrating her birthday and fingers crossed the linky badge code works for everyone – it looks good at this end! Thanks for hosting #WotW

  2. Angela Webster

    It’s funny how fast you get used to having needles when it becomes a regular part of life. Like you, they always struggle with my veins, we must be extra special I think. Sorry to hear about your tooth, I hope the pain settles down soon for you. I hope your daughter has a nice birthday, it’s lovely the way you celebrate everyone in your family with nice meals out. Isn’t it fab that Jason Donovan is returning to Joseph this year, I bet he’s not forgotten any of the songs, hope you enjoy the show.

    • Anne Sweet

      I’d have loved to have seen Jason Donovan first time around, or even Philip Schofield. Heck, I’d even have loved to have seen lee Mears! We will be seeing some young singer from Union J, Jaymi Hensley. (I don’t actually know who he is!) 🙂

  3. Susan Mann

    Oh lovely that is a nightmare. I’ve had that in the past and it’s not fun. I hope the pain is easing and your tooh is better. Glad the decorating goes well xx

  4. Laurie

    I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful weekend celebrating her 30th! So sorry you had to face so many needles this week, especially the big one headed for your mouth. Ouch! The time for your dentist appointment was appropriate – tooth hurty! 😀

  5. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    That does seem a lot of needles. Several times over. I’m glad they finally found a place for the cannula. Hope your teeth are no longer playing you up. It is horrid. Happy birthday to your daughter. I hope you all have a great meal out. Thank you for hosting. #wotw

  6. Karen

    Ooh some of those needles don’t sound pleasant, I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy Joseph! I’ve never seen it but it’s on my list!

  7. Sam

    Eesh what a pain them pesky viens are. I hope you feel better soon with your tooth. How lovely to go out for a meal and happy birthday to your daughter X #wotw

  8. Sarah Chrsitie

    Aw no what a week, I suppose needles are part of our every day life with Jack but they are not nice, in fact I don’t like them being stuck in me at all, although I try to be brave its so hard. And then your tooth that’s such bad luck. Hope you have a lovely time at your daughters 30th and have a better week x

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