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  1. Kim Carberry

    hehehe! If the school was at the bottom of the garden I would be tempted to throw them over the wall.
    How lovely to read about your school runs. It must have been hard to take a back seat since you became ill. It sounds like it’s for the best the girls been taken to school.
    My youngest walks to school with friends now. It’s not far. I can see it from our bedroom window. lol

  2. Laura

    I wouldn’t say parking and walking is cheating at all. More levelling the playing field! We’re a little too far from school to walk – and I teach at the senior part of the kids school but on a different campus. There will be one year where we are all on the same site – I’m hoping for some family cycling!

  3. Jo

    The school run can be such a big part of your life when you look back on it can’t it. I went on to work at the pre-school and school that my children went to so spent many years doing that walk and seeing the familiar faces along the way. #Blogtober

  4. Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    That’s amazing having school right at the bottom of the garden! What an interesting school run you’ve had over the years. Parking up 1/2 a mile away and walking is a lovely way of adding in a few extra steps. Safety always has to come first doesn’t it. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

  5. Tracey Carr

    I think if you can manage any of the school run walking it is a bonus. So parking half a mile away and walking the rest is a lovely idea! It is such a nice time to chat with the little ones and take a breather. I am very grateful that my daughter’s school is only a five minute walk away so I go with her every morning and I actually look forward to it. Especially on these lovely autumnal mornings. The whole thing only takes ten minutes but it is precious! #dreamteam

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