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  1. Jenni

    Sounds like he had a lovely birthday meal out. It is a shame about the railings around it but that seems to be the way it is now doesn’t it. The Christmas tree in our village where we lived in the uk has a barrier round now but I can remember years ago it didn’t need anything #ordinarymoments #sundaysnapshot

  2. Anna-Marie

    Love the neon wings! Totally agree about F&B it used to be one of my favourite places to eat but it’s really gone down hill the last few years! Linking up with #theordinarymoments

  3. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    It’s the tail that gives the bull away. What a wonderful (temporary) make over into a dragon. You are so good at getting every one out and to a meal on the birthdays. Boo makes a very good nonchalant angel. Looks like a book cover. #mmbc

  4. Donna

    Oh Happy Birthday! Everywhere seemed to really get into the Chinese New Year spirit this year. You can’t beat Pizza Express for a simple birthday meal x

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