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  1. Joanne

    We were just talking about this at dinner last night! Another mom and I were talking about keeping kids safe online and were talking about a lot of these points (with our older teens and young adults).

  2. Judee

    These are good tips, thank you. There are so many things that we never really learned about using the Internet and it would be a shame to learn the hard way.

    • Anne Sweet

      so true, we didn’t even have internet at home until my eldest two were teenagers. I was careful with my younger ones though. We only had one computer and it was in full view of everyone. These days they all have their own computers, phones and tablets! Technology has left me behind.

  3. Catherine

    We have a strict no phones at the dinner / breakfast table policy and no phones in the bedroom at night. Starting that from day one meant that there were no previous habits to break and it’s worked really well for us.


    • Anne Sweet

      I wish I’d started that early on. Unfortunately, with two of mine being adults and two older teens they do as they please, only the youngest has rules. I have always had parental controls when they were younger though, and we talk constantly about what they are watching and if they’ve seen anything disturbing. I’ve been lucky so far, although my teen got addicted to a podcast and told me about it, so I listened and it was a bit scary for me, it wasn’t over the top though, I’m just a bit sensitive! My adult daughter used to to do the zombie walk, which was an exercise ‘listen’ which featured being chased by zombies, every so often you had to run to escape, or slow down to avoid detection. You wouldn’t get me doing that either.

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