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I’m sticking my neck out here as I know this is a sensitive subject and everyone has their opinion, but this is my opinion, my thoughts. Yesterday evening a five year old girl went missing in a Welsh village.
Today social network sites have gone bonkers with everyones wishes and opinions and even judgements. I hope it’s a good thing, surely with everyone talking about the disappearance there is more hope of finding her? I hope so. You have to hold on to that hope and pray that she will be returned safely to her family.
I have a five year old daughter. I would crumble if she went missing, it’s every mother’s nightmare. So why risk it? Why take chances? Because you do, everyone does at some point. My daughter is safely in her bed at that time in the evening, but what if she had asked to stay out with a friend just a little later? I might consider it, she might have older friends to look after her. My daughter only ever plays in our garden if she’s on her own, or with her sister. I don’t think it’s safe for them to play anywhere else. But I don’t live in a village where everyone knows everyone else, and most likely looks out for each other. The girl was taken from the street, but what if the person who took her knew exactly what he (or she) was after? They may have been brazen enough to take a child from their home or garden while mum was busy cooking.
So you may say the child should have been in bed, or the parents should have been watching her at play, or she should have been playing somewhere safer, but every parent has that time when the rules are not so strict, everyone gets called away, has something else they might need doing that only takes a minute, has heard the phone ring, no-one can be on the ball every second of every day. These things happen, no matter how careful you are. The situation may not be the same, but things still happen. Your child might be in the care of someone you trust implicitly while you are at work and something might happen. I wish these things did not happen, but they do.
Instead of assigning guilt we need to focus on supporting the parents and praying for the safe return of their child.

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  1. October 2, 2012 / 9:07 pm

    You're so right. No-one is perfect sadly. Some may think they are, but I bet they've done something wrong with regards to parenting. No point going over the what-ifs, just need to concentrate on spreading the word and helping x

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