We had four cats, now we only have one. I’m dedicating my Sunday photo to Salem who past away on Friday. I’m sorry there is more than one photo, but I’ve decided to celebrate all our cats.

grey cat sitting on my lap

Suzie was my cat, we had her for fourteen years before she passed away in 2015


tabby cat curled up on the stairs

We had Scribbles the same time as Suzie and she also passed away in 2015. She loved to sleep on the stairs and was a scruffy fur ball.


two little kittens curled up together on an orange blanket in a cardboard box.

In 2009 we welcomed Salem and Sabrina. Salem was a hunter and he was loved by all the family but especially my eldest daughter. Sabrina was tiny and never really grew very big. Salem is the one with the white nose.


two photos of my little boy fast asleep with a blacck and white cat.

Salem was very caring and the Little Man love to cuddle up with him.


Three cats, two of them black and one of them grey, looking out of the window where it is raining outside on the path.

I’m going to miss scenes like this, my cats waiting for the rain to stop so they could go out and chase the birds away. Only one of them survives now.


black and white cat sitting on a cardboard suitcase.

Here is Salem, I took this photo late last year and joked that he’d packed his bags. Well, he’s left us for good now. Good Night sweet boy. We will all miss you so much.




Sunday Snap


When I was little I wanted to be a ballet dancer, I was always prancing and twirling around. The lady next door to my aunt gave ballet lessons and I always begged my mum to let me go. She said she couldn’t afford it, but I think really she just knew that I was too lanky and unbalanced and had no sense of rhythm and certainly no poise, I was so clumsy! Still, I kept dreaming. My Dad loved the ballet and would watch it on our old black and white television. My other aunt gave me a jewellery box with a little ballerina inside which twirled to Swan Lake.

Yet, it took me 52 years to go and see a ballet on stage for the very first time!

Last December I went to see the magical Nutcracker and I loved every minute, it was beautiful, emotional, colourful and simply amazing. Then my friend told me about Mathew Bourne and I was intrigued.

So we went to see Cinderella, set in London during WWII, and it was completely different to our Nutcracker experience.

matthew bourne's cinderella program, showing Cinderella being lifted up high by her RAF prince


The rest of this post includes lots of spoilers so be warned. However, it doesn’t matter how much I tell you, it will be nothing like actually seeing the performance!

Set to Prokofiev’s Cinderella score, which has been used for classic ballet so many times before, the music gave you all you expect, grand waltzes, mazurkas and national dances, fairy tale magic in the style of Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballets. However, the interpretation was so different.

The first act started much as you would expect with Cinderella waiting on her family in their home, the invitations to the ball arrive and Cinderella is left out. Then when the family have retired to bed Cinderella acts out her fantasy of meeting a man by dancing with a mannequin, which is briefly turned into a male dancer who is dancing like a mannequin. It was all very clever.

Then the Fairy Godmother arrives, but it’s not, it’s an Angel, and he is male. He looks stunning in a shiny white suite with a shock of white hair. It was at this point that I realised everything was in monochrome, apart from the little specks of colour provided by something like a table cloth, all the dancers where in black, grey, navy blue or dark brown, the shock of white really stood out. It really helped to set the time scene, it really felt like 1940s London as you would see in a black and white film on tv. Matthew Bourne found a lot of inspiration from old films like, A Matter of Life and Death, The Bishops Wife, Brief Encounter and Waterloo bridge, all released in the 40s.

Cinderella gets her coveted invite and the Angel takes her off in the sidecar of a white motor scooter



The ‘ball’ was inspired by the Café de Paris which was destroyed during the blitz in London in 1941. Despite the war and regular bombings, party goers would go to venues where they could dance the evening away and forget all the troubles. The Café de Paris was an underground ballroom where all sorts of society would mix together, sing, dance and have fun. In March 1941 the dance floor was heaving with party goers when two bombs hit the building causing massive devastation and many deaths and injuries. A little unusual for the setting of Cinderella’s ball don’t you think?

I loved the ball, the music was amazing and the dancers took us through a whole evening of entertainment, dancing, cavorting and drinking. Then at the end of the evening the dancers were continuing while inebriated which was both amusing and visually stunning. Cinderella arrived, the only guest in a stunning white ball gown, and met her ‘prince’ who was actually an RAF pilot and they went on to do a little more than you would expect with a romantic bedroom scene. Then we go back to the revellers when the bombs hit and we witness the devastation.

While recovering from that scene we are treated to a scene at Waterloo Station with prostitutes and a confused and injured RAF ‘prince’ looking for Cinderella as all he has left is her single silver shoe. We then continue to a bridge scene where he is dancing with the shoe before getting beaten up by two shifty looking blokes!

Are you following? I have to admit, I’m making it a little simpler than it actually was!

We then find Cinderella who is injured and taken off to hospital where her family comes to visit and her evil step mother tries to smother her with a pillow! The beaten up RAF ‘prince’ also arrives at the hospital, so confused and crazy that they instantly decided that electric shock treatment is needed. Then while recovering from these scenes we finally see Cinderella and her RAF ‘prince’ re-united, phew!

The final scene takes place at a railway station where Cinderella is leaving with her RAF ‘prince’ and says one final goodbye to her wheelchair bound father. All’s well that ends well!

To say I was moved by the experience would be an understatement. I was taken back to the 40s and felt the horror of what it must have been like living in London during the Blitz, while at the same time immersed in the amazing dancing and emotional music.

I think I may be hooked on ballet for sure now and I so want to see lots more!

Have you ever been to the ballet? Have you ever seen a Mathew Bourne’s  ballet?

You can see a trailer for Mathew Bourne’s Cinderella here.



Hello, it’s me!

I’m here with a brand new look, I hope you like it.

I’ve not only changed my look, I’ve changed my server and my blog platform and I’m still getting used to it all so do forgive me if I mess up!

I designed the header myself, It’s not incredibly different from my last header. I’ve changed the font and although I still have seven butterflies they are all different. Each one represents a member of my family.

I love butterflies, not only are they beautiful but they are delicate and show us how short life can be so we have to live it to the full and be the best we can be.

My tagline, ‘what if I fly’ is inspired by the quote from Erin Hanson, “What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” I am determined to keep on trying and not be afraid from falling and that is partly what my new blog is about. I’m not going to be afraid anymore, I’m going to write what I want, I want to fly.

“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”
― Erin Hanson

I’ve not had a good week with a migraine at the beginning which lost me two days and then a lot of pain as my last treatment has worn off. But I guess it was a good time to hand over my blog to the lovely Laura from blogger2wp.com who managed my move from Blogger to WordPress for me. And here I am with my shiny New blog. If you are considering a blog move I’d highly recommend Laura, I had a huge blog to move and she did a great job.

The Reading Residence

My photos this week are of the bunch of flowers that my brother and sister-in-law bought me.

Today we are off to lunch with them. Do you think they know I’ve won the lottery?

(Just kidding!)

I think they are just trying to brighten up my week.




Sunday Snap


On Monday, Star was sent home from school. She didn’t go in on Tuesday and just lay on the sofa all day. Then on Wednesday she had a hospital appointment that she really couldn’t miss.

So Wednesday morning.we set off to the hospital only to find her consultant was running late. We had to wait two hours! The time passed fairly quickly though and Star was great at waiting, in fact she was more patient than her Dad. Then we had a good chat with her consultant. While in his room we saw some post op x-rays that we hadn’t seen before, so hubby grabbed a quick pic. It’s hard to believe that it all started when she was only seven years old. My little girl has been through so much and yet still carries on smiling. Her consultant was a little surprised at how much she had grown in the last year. I think she’s surprising all of us, she’ll be taller than me soon and she’s only twelve.

Star’s x-ray, this is how her spine is connected to her skull!

Thursday she was back at school. She’s been having some problems with some of the kids at school teasing her and getting very upset. The school have been great about it and have told her that there are loads of things they can do to help. The first step has been to move her to a different form class, one that is quieter. So, on Thursday she went into this new class and came home really happy. I’m hoping that things work out for her. We sometimes feel so close to thinking that she’s not going to make it through mainstream school. I so hope she does but when things get bad I can see it all falling apart. But my girl keep soldiering on. That’s why she’s my Star!

The Reading Residence