One Mums Lend Us Your Voice meme

“ONE Mums (ONEMoms) was brought about through the notion that all parents share a connection, and if we come together and build on that connection then great things can happen, we can spread the word and so a whisper becomes a booming noise, echoing around the world.”

Seasider in the City set up this Meme to raise awarenesses of the One Mums campaign  They are not asking for money, just for your voice to help them to be heard over the world. They are fighting disease and poverty, particularly in Africa. They are shouting about the good they have achieved and the potential they have to achieve more.

Here is my entry:

One Mum

Once I only thought of myself
Next I fell in love
Even then my heart had more room

My children fill my life with love
United as a family
Meant to be together
Special moments shared

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  1. October 19, 2012 / 11:11 am

    Ohh beautiful, I am loving reading all of these. Thanks so much, Mich x

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