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  1. Kim Carberry

    Glad we're not alone….I have a 5 year old who just wont poop on the toilet….She is quite happy to go in her pants…She pees in the toilet fine and there is no medical reason why she won't go to the toilet! Doctors, health visitors, the teachers at school, etc, etc have just said it will come with time as there is nothing medically wrong there is little they can do! We've tried sticker charts and god knows what else… It does not help us in the mean time though…

  2. Emma

    Toileting is so difficult. My eldest was not dry at night until 10 and my 8 yr old is still a night wetter. Very hard for them and us to understand and deal with.

  3. Attachment Mummy

    Gosh, poor her, and poor you! I hope you get some resolution soon, or at least some help. We haven't really done much about toileting yet, just left a potty lying around. Our nearly 3 year old shows little interest, but I'm assuming she'll do it when she's ready. Such a difficult topic, and as you say, at school it could be a real problem for her. Our love and good wishes to you all! Lx

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