The Great Gatsby and Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Fashion

I went out with Eldest Daughter today and she bought a new pair of shoes. I love them too and as we are the same size, I may just borrow them (if she’ll let me)

This reminded me that I had not done a post for Next for a while so here I am.

The Great Gatsby opens in London this week and who can resist the gorgeous fashion of the Twenties? (oh my, not long until it will be the 2020’s!) Dropped waistbands and flapper dresses, I’d certainly give them another go. Any excuse to get out my feather boa. (what you don’t have a feather boa?)

At next you can buy this gorgeous dress for your little girl.

I know my girls would love it especially with all the sequins, I may get them one each. They are available in sizes 3 to 16 yrs.

Fast forward twenty or so years and you’ll you meet my favourite fashionable literary Character, Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn looks absolutely gorgeous in this black dress.

Truman Capote writes: “She was still on the stairs, now 

she reached the landing, and the ragbag colors of her 
boy’s hair, tawny streaks, strands of albino blond and 
yellow caught the hall light. It was a warm evening, 
nearly summer, and she wore a slim, cool black dress, 
black sandals, a pearl choker. “

Of course, I’m partial to a sexy black dress and Next doesn’t fail to deliver.

Oh yes, I could see myself swanning into the MAD Blog Awards in this with pearl choker and black sandals. (might need to lose a few pound first though)
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