We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday

‘We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday’ Well, actually we’ve just come back off one but maybe some of you will remember the Cliff Richard song (please say you do) It was a big favourite of my family when we were going on holiday when little, we would all sing along in the car. I loved the film too, how I wished we could go on holiday on a bus!

When Eldest Daughter was ten we went to a Haven holiday park and came home with a cassette of Haven songs which we had to play over and over all the way home. Classics like ‘CocoAvoMango’ now you’ve all heard that one, yes? (maybe not)  Here is an extract:

CocoAvoMango was the drink that we made, for the king of the jungle and his tiger parade, drink it fast, drink it slow, drink it anyway you can, CocoAvoMango kiwi pear banana yam yam.

Yes, it was over twelve years ago, and yes I do still remember it *sigh*

Nowadays the girls are very into the current groups like One Direction and the Wanted or artists like Olly Murs, I guess they are more bearable that kiddy songs. Although the Little Man will sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Old Macdonald’ all day if we let him.

Music is a necessity when driving, especially long distances and holiday music is what you need to get you in the holiday mood. What songs get you in the holiday mood? Do you stick to popular music of the time or do you have a playlist of favourites from across the years? Do the kids get control? Not a bad idea, especially if they end up falling asleep.

When I asked my other half about summer holiday songs he picked, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by the Beatles and ‘Staying Out for The Summer’ by Dodgy. Oh yes, definitely in the mood for a holiday now.

Cumbrian-Cottages.co.uk have put together this great playlist ahead of the summer holidays, I can see my favourites on there, are yours?

of course they had to include The Wheels On The Bus, just for my Little Man.

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