Cross And Blackwell 4kids Fruit and Jelly Pots – Review

We were sent some Toy Story Fruit Pots for kids by Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids to review. They arrived in a lovely Toy Story lunch box, perfect for back to school. (If we ever find one!)

My Littlies are big fruit lovers but no so keen on jelly, in fact Star doesn’t eat jelly at all, so I was interested to how she would react to these little pots.

The pots arrived in a Toy Story lunch box


The pots are the perfect size for lunch boxes, if we were not moving house soon and I was not on a complete ban from hording, I’d have definitely kept the pots for future craft projects. After removing the colourful Toy Story cardboard outer you find a little plastic spoon which is folded to fit neatly on the lid. The spoon clicks open and my littlies had no problem in doing this. The film lids had to be tugged off and these proved a little more difficult with all three littlies leaving some film behind that I had to pull off. No1Son (25 yrs) also had a little trouble removing the lid.
The litttlies loved the Toy Story images which inspired their initial excitement in the product.


Peach in Strawberry Jelly
Peach in Peach Jelly
Mandarin in Orange Jelly
Apple in Raspberry Jelly
Mixed Fruit in Strawberry Jelly
Pineapple in Pineapple Jelly

The pots are packed with pieces of fruit and the jelly is made with fruit juice. The combinations are really tasty but the peach in strawberry jelly was the least favourite one.

Two of the flavours

What the Kids Thought

Star, 7 years, is the one who doesn’t like jelly. She was happy to give one of the pots a try though and went for the apple in raspberry jelly. She managed to pick out all the pieces of apple leaving the jelly behind. That was quite a good result though because normally she wouldn’t touch anything with any amount of jelly in it.

Boo, 6 years, loves fruit and jelly and was keen to get stuck in. She started with peach in strawberry but wasn’t keen on the flavours, so instead she had peach in peach jelly which she loved. She managed perfectly fine using  the little spoon that came in the pack.

The Little Man had the fruit cocktail in strawberry jelly and used the little spoon. He made loads of mess but he generally does make a mess with whatever he eats. He did eat most of it though, leaving behind just a little jelly.

I had the mandarin in orange jelly which was really delicious and refreshing. The jelly had a slightly different texture than usual jelly, probably because it’s made from fruit juice. It was also a little sweeter than usual but at least that was natural sugar not added.

No1Son tried the pineapple in pineapple jelly which he wolfed down and said was delicious but the jelly ‘felt’ different.

The Little Man couldn’t wait to get stuck in!


Overall these pots were a big hit, I’d consider buying them. They are great for lunchboxes and picnics and I love the little spoon that comes with them. Maybe a little too sweet for every day but if they were to replace a chocolate bar or crisps then they would be much better choice. Each little pot contains one of your five a day so great for those who are not keen on eating just fruit. There are a good range of flavours so something to suit everyone. They do work out a little more expensive than a piece of fruit and as my children love fruit I’d probably just buy these as an occasional treat rather than an every day one. 
If I were to change anything it would be the film lid, it should be a little easier to remove for little fingers.
We were sent a lunch box containing six Toy Story fruit pots to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own (and that of my littlies)

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