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  1. Tree

    You won't get a feel for it until you visit the schools Anne, is it possible for the girls to visit too & involve them in the process? That could be beneficial on many levels. Treating it as a family problem for which you can find the solution together could be a good idea.

  2. Coombe Mill

    Go with your gut feel on the schools then make an extra effort with play dates to help the children feel part of the friendship groups there. It is hard at first but this is a great way for them to build friendships.

  3. citymamgonecountry

    Hi Hun, You are now following me on Google+ and I have followed you back too, I know the feeling of new schools, infact I am going for a school appeal with our local council tomorrow, our DD is 5 and just about finsihed the year for Reception and going into Y1 in Sept coming however I don't think she is getting the right education etc, so I'm off there tomorrow to plead my case!

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Good luck with your appeal, I've heard it's even harder to move schools if you are not moving home. Also, I'm having trouble finding a school for my 5 year old as I believe that there was a baby boom here when she was born.

  4. Sara Murray

    That's a really tough one, but I also think that you need to go with your gut, when we moved over to the States, we had to make some very quick decisions, so completely went with what our instincts were telling us, and it's been great, both schools are fantastic. Good luck!!

  5. Tori Wel

    We've just moved and Grace, who is 6, has had to move schools too. I went and visited both of the schools in our area and really liked them but one is walking distance so was keen to get it – and we did. The hardest thing is not knowing if you have a place until AFTER you have exchanged contracts – it left me worrying for a few days. I found out when we were on holiday that we got the choice we wanted. It's taking Grace some time to settle but thankfully she has started just before the summer holidays so she knows what to expect in September. Good luck with your choice and thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx

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