Why We Are Moving

This week we are moving home, from a tiny three bedroomed house which has never been modernised, to a lovely brand new five bedroom house with three bathrooms.

Twenty four years ago I moved into my home with my two year old son and baby daughter. The house seemed huge back then, we’d just moved from a one bedroomed flat. After a few years I was fed up of the toilet being outside and the tiny kitchen but a little work brought the toilet indoors and a few little changes to the kitchen made it a little more usable. When my children were eight and nine their dad decide to go and make himself a new life elsewhere and for a while we were alone. The house was fine, even though the kitchen was still a bit small.

Then I met my current partner and after he moved in we decided to have children together. I’d always wanted more children so I was really happy. It didn’t happen straight away, in fact it took more than two years before I got pregnant with my third child.

By this time Eldest Daughter was sixteen and I imagined she would be leaving home for university, or falling in love and leaving the nest at some point. No1 son, then eighteen, was at a college that offered supported living from nineteen. I knew that my baby would be sharing a room with us for a while but I figured that even if the older ones didn’t move out we could split our huge bedroom into two smaller ones.

After Star was born we decided to try for one more and soon I was expecting Boo. The eldest were still at home but it was ok, we still had our fallback plan of splitting one room into two.

No1 son missed out on a residential place at college. Eldest Daughter had other problems which meant she would at home for a while longer. The fallback plan looked more and more likely. Then I had a little surprise in the form of The Little Man. Not part of my plan but still a very gorgeous addition so I’m not complaining.

The house seemed to shrink around us. It had never been huge but now it was feeling smaller and smaller as seven of us were cramped inside. This was not my plan and soon we were all becoming a little depressed about our situation. There just wasn’t room for the littlies to grow, not  enough space for any of us really.

Then we were offered the chance to move to a brand new five bedroomed house. So new that if you look it up on Google maps this is what you would see.

We were supposed to have been moving  in July but the date was pushed back to early August. Then it was pushed back again to late August. Then we were supposed to have moved on 9th September but the water supply was not sorted. So now we are moving on 18th September and we can’t wait!
being built

almost ready

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  1. September 20, 2013 / 6:34 pm

    I hope you move went well. Your new house looks lovely

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